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Which common commercial beer to buy for yeast culturing?
The message subject says it all... which is the best beer to buy for the purpose of starting my own little yeast ranch? I do know that most of the American lager BMC types are pasteurized, so that e...
13 years ago 4
brewing question
A batch of beer is done fermenting and is essentially ready to prime and bottle. My question is, How long can I leave it in the carboy or fermentor before I HAVE TO get it bottled? Any pro's or con'...
13 years ago 2
natural carbonation in a keg possible?
Good day- I'm doing an 'orange blossom honey' amber ale. The priming uses 5/8 cup of orange blossom honey. I usually keg, and not sure I can round up enough bottles at bottling/kegging time (abou...
13 years ago 3
sour tast
My taste batches have turned out with quit a sour taste. Any idea what could be the source? possibly yeast ? Thanks, Hippo
13 years ago 1
dont put yeast up your will make you fart allot,it makes me feel like i gotBUBBLES IN MY BUTTHOLE
13 years ago 1
Final Grav for Mex. Lager
Hi, I'm new in these parts so please have mercy on me. I started a Black Rock Mex Lager last week. Mostly because my wife likes it. Might be ok for summer afternoons though. My starting gravity was....
13 years ago 3
sugar for brewing
i'm am wandering if anyone can help on a silly question,,,i am a type 2 diabetic and love my beer (yes i know i should not drink)..i used to brew my own beer but since i found out i had diabetes (2y...
13 years ago 6
[ AD ] brewing videos for rent, online, delivered by mail
I hope you'll forgive a brief plug: I manage the video library at Technical Video Rental. We're now in our third year of renting out instructional and craft videos online, and delivering them via f...
13 years ago
Looking For A Red Stripe Recipe...
Does anyone know a recipe for that's similar to Red Stripe (Jamaican Lager)? I really like this beer and have been trying to find a clone recipe or even just a similar recipe. Any help would be grea...
13 years ago
Can anybody name a good, common, inexpensive...
Bottom-fermenting yeast that'll work at average room temperature?
13 years ago 11
Homebrew Site
13 years ago 2
Disappearing Krausen!
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_0008_01C66218.70C91000 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="Windows-1252" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Hi All I have...
13 years ago 5
Looking from a man from Stockport near Manchester
13 years ago
My allgrain beer seems too bitter?!
I wonder what causes excessive bitterness in my beer ( actually, I am not using too much bittering hops): 1. tannin has bleached from the barley husks during the mash, or the water may be too ho...
13 years ago 3
First batch
Just tasted my first batch of homebrew beer, Whispering Wheat Weizenbier and it doesn't taste nor does it look anything like germen wheat beer. It taste more like a lite beer (It does not taste like...
13 years ago 1