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I made a batch of Cascadia Pail Ale using Cowboy Lager. It has been fermenting for eight days now. There are no bubbles in the air lock, But all the foam is still on top. Nothing or very little ...
13 years ago 1
Carbon Dioxide Reclamation
Reclaiming carbon dioxide from fermenting beer would be an easy process, but how would the gas be compressed and put in a CO2 bottle? At first, compressing CO2 seems like it would be expensive/cost ...
13 years ago 2
Who is using a copper fermenter?
I know that over the years I've read posts from folks who were using, or planning to use, conical fermenters made out of copper. There are, no doubt, other brewers who are doing the same but neve...
13 years ago 11
glycol coolers
Anyone here uses glycol coolers? Who sells them?
13 years ago 1
I use bleach as a sanitzer most of the time. I use it for bottles and everything. What would be better to use, requiring less rinsing.
13 years ago 16
priming a 330ml bottle
Is it safe to use 1 carbonation drop for a 330ml bottle? It's usually 1 for a 375ml bottle. How much larger is the risk of exploding bottles if I prime a 330ml bottle with 1 drop? Richy
13 years ago 1
Added 30cc of strawberry oil to my 24-litre fermenting batch earlier today. Smelled a lot like strawberries but also had a bitter after-taste. Expiry date on the bottle was March, 2000. Could t...
13 years ago
Where is roy?
I can't believe I found this:
13 years ago
brew pot
Has anybody had luck brewing, using a turkey fryer instead of a stock pot on the stove. I friend of mine told me he started using one with an aluminum pot. I was a little concerned for the use of...
13 years ago 6
LHBS Dilema
Looking for opinions here. I firmly believe in supporting your LHBS but my 1.5 stores are very small. The larger one has canned kits, Brewers Best kits, seperate LME, DME and hops, 2row barley and W...
13 years ago 26
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13 years ago
Degrees Lovibond Question
Does anyone know the degrees Lovibond for light, amber and dark DME?
13 years ago 1
No Carbonation
I recently brewed an American Ale from an online recipe I found (extract and grain). My starting gravity was considerably higher than expected, 1.084 actual vs. 1.062 expected. Fermentation went ...
13 years ago 2
The next step....
For about a year I have been making homebrew using kits. To begin with I was excited and loved every pint that I poured. After a couple of batches, I began to realize that there was absolutely no sk...
13 years ago 5
malt life
Not brewed for a few years and just wondering how long some crushed pale malt remains useable provided it's been kept dry. Anybody out there know? TIA Brant
13 years ago 1