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Would appreciate suggestions for a good beer.
I think "American" beers are too watery. I tend to like German beers. I'm looking for a sweet beer with good flavor, and preferably strong, v/s the watered down taste of American beer. Also, as a ...
13 years ago 21
Carbonation pump
Has anyone tried using a carbonation pump (Like used in a soda fountain)?
13 years ago 15
Well aged beer OK?
I was the fortunate recipient of a bunch of home brewing stuff including a Cornelius kegging system - CO2 tank, hoses, regulator, two 5 gallon soda kegs, along with a refrigerator with two taps bui...
13 years ago 2
Re: Wormwood/absinthe and beer
Absinthe is no more dangerous than Everclear. The only real scientific proof of detrimation to your health was liver problems created by consuming wormwood, although the quantites needed to reach t...
13 years ago 1
Force carbing with carbonator cap in 2L bottles - beer is flat!
My process: pour 2L of un-carbed beer from the fermeter or from the keg (uncarbed beer in keg) into a 2L bottle and chill overnight. After chilling, I leave 3 inches of headroom, squeeze out the air...
13 years ago
Advice plzz on carbonating
Hi all forgive me as I have only just started with this hobby :) My question is this : I have done the formenting thing, now transfered my brew (larger) to a presure barrel, it says that now I shou...
13 years ago 5
Where's the Flavour Gone?
I have been making all of my beers using Extract Kits. When making them, I occassionally add extra stuff to try and improve the flavour. To a stout, I have added a bottle of Ginger Beer. To a Bitte...
13 years ago 2
Steeping technique (time)
For those of you who still do extract beers, what's your usual steeping regimen for the specialty grains? The kits from my LHBS have directions that state 10mins (@ 150-160F) as the minimum, but 30...
13 years ago 3
When to refridgerate
Hi all, I have a Bock brew that has been bottled now for 7 days. Can I place a few of these bottles in my little beer fridge and get them good and cold? Or do I need to let them sit a full 2 - 3 ...
13 years ago 2
Lilly Pilly Beer Home Brew
Inspired by a trip to Brussels, I made some Belgian style fruit beer using Lilly Pilly. Syzygium oleosum (LillyPilly) is an Australian native tree with cherry-like white to red fruit. They grow in ...
13 years ago
Homebrewer Demographics needed
This is kind of a repost...created a survey questionnaire that won't require anyone creating an account. Sorry if that caused problems. I'm working on an assignment for graduate school and I am rea...
13 years ago 2
Homebrewing Demographics
I'm working on an assignment for graduate school and I am really interested in getting demographics on the homebrewing community. I've created a seven question questionnaire on Homebrew Exchange to ...
13 years ago
Hi That's a coincidence. I was propping up the bar in my local pub yesterday, drinking with an International author, a Clergyman and a Therapist. Presumably all three are wrong. You could have fool...
13 years ago
Re: Fermentation Temperature
I would move your secondary fermenter inside as apposed to the garage (carefully as to not stir up the sediment). It is ok to let the fermintation process last for another couple of days. I usual...
13 years ago
carbonator cap - how to shake w/o getting beer in CO2 line?
So I am first timer on the carbo cap process - I am force carbing with the cap: taking the non carb beer from the keg to the 2 liter bottles and forcing there. Reading other threads it seems that sh...
13 years ago 3