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Hi all,
I have a question to the more experienced puerh drinkers in this group. I
would like to taste some genuine aged sheng puerh, but do not have the money
and the courage to buy a whole cake. Could you recommend me some trustworthy
vendors, who sell samples - or just small quantities - of aged puerh? So far
I have only found Teaspring that sells samples (15 g) of a Guang Yun Gong
half-cooked cake from the 70'es.
By the way, what is a half-cooked cake? I have never heard about such one.
Thanks and best regards,
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Gyorgy Sajo
Hey, I think Guang Yun Gong half-cooked cake is not the better one you should choose. Because it's too expensive to get, and the taste is not as it's value..
I think the Pu-erh Brick tea from 1992 is better, you can see the photo here.
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I think half-cooked cake is half-fermented cake.
thank you...
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No doubt. I thought there is raw puerh and cooked puerh, but never heard about half-cooked. It must be the oolong of puerh teas. :-)
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Gyorgy Sajo
It sounds like the process to make LiuAn 'single' fermented tea from Anhui. You can plug Guang into Google and get some hits. One previous discussion among others:
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Space Cowboy
What they are calling half cooked is actually a mixture of raw and cooked leaves that is then compressed into a bing. These typess of cake can be quite good but they are not as good, hence not as valuable, as a well aged 100% raw cake. I have personally tasted this particular tea and it is authentic and good but mild in comparison to a raw cake of a similar age.
Other vendors that sell small quantities of aged tea are:
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I have bought tea from all 3 of these vendors and they all sell authentic aged tea in snmall quantities. You will probably need to email Jing Teashop and Teahub to find out their current offerings where Sunsing will list theirs online.
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Mike Petro

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