Any anticipated or ordered fresh teas?

I've been mulling over exactly what to order lately and while browsing I've come across a couple spring teas that have caught my eye. I'm not in front of my list right now but I was wondering what is the most anticipated or a heavily awaited order that folks here have their eyes on.
Since Mike has been absent Puerh has fallen off of my radar as well as the price hikes across the board, but I would like a decent cooked to add to my list. I was going to add the Si Mao Mao Cha 300 year old Wild Arbor Tree from Jing's for an uncooked loose. I was looking toward Yunnan Sourcing for a cooked though, so any notables from them would be appreciated.
If anyone cares to share their wishlist/anticipated/ordered teas I'd love to hear 'em.
- Dominic
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Dominic T.

I'm oversupplied on greens and blacks, and have some puers doing their thing in the back of the cupboard. My next order should be about ten samples (six mugsfull each) of the Upton organic blacks.
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MarshalN writes:
I haven't done the math on my stash; I'm afraid to. I'll admit to a sizeable amount of '07 green tea. I'm not ordering right now...
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Lewis Perin

I'm planning on using some of my stale teas, mostly greens, as fodder for seasoning teapots. I can't think of any other uses for six years old senchas.
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I've got a couple of Oolongs coming from TeaSpring and I suppose I'll buy an oz. or two of ITC's greens when they come in; but,my pantry is buldging at the seams with way too much tea and I've a cabinet full of pu quietly growing old and tasty. It will most likely be a slow shopping season here. Shen
Every year I say this to myself and then every year I realize that my greens from LAST year that are left over really are a bit stale...what I need to do is order lesser amounts or fewer types of the spring greens and then asctually make sure I drink them up. It's really hard for me to choose, since I love all types. I do think I'll be looking for some yinzhen from Jing's when it comes in. But I have to finish up my loved LuAn Guapian from last year....I jsut haven't loved it enough apparently...
Puerh is such an enabler for me, I can overbuy and claim it's getting better just sitting there!
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