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mmmmmm, Spam.
stePH -- in cup: pinhead gunpowder from Wild Oats/Natures 2nd infusion (1st always goes down sink or into flowerpot)
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Last month I was at a birthday party for my wife's best friend, and one of the foods being served was Spam rolled in rice and nori -- like a sushi roll, but since the rice wasn't flavored with sweetened vinegar it wasn't really sushi.
Still called it "Spam sushi" though, and still ate it.
stePH -- in cup: 2003 brick sheng puer (from Tao of Tea) 2nd infusion
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That's Spam musubi, the Hawaiian favorite. I myself was introduced to this culinary oddity some months back. A friend's wife described it and then pleaded that I try to make some. That I did, but thought the whole affair repugnant and a mockery of Japanese food. But Spam is a mysterious substance and undergoes some strange alchemy when dipped in sweetened soy sauce. I was converted on first bite. When prepared with care and Spam Lite, they can be quite delicious. Kind of reminds me of eel, if eel had four legs and came in a can.
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