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I like chai tea and when I saw it available as a green tea, I thought it would be a natural fit....something I like and the health benefits of green tea.
This was probably the worst tea I ever drank and I ended up throwing the entire box out.
I'd like to start drinking green tea and was looking for some suggestions on what are some of the better or preferred brands/flavours?
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There's quite a number of green teas, but two that I would suggest you try would be Long Jing, which is my favorite green, and has been described as a nutty flavor, and Sencha, which conjours up the image of raw fish for me personally, but many seem to enjoy it.
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if you are looking for good green tea.. that you have specify chinese green or japanese green tea. that is a huge different between them. any way. my favorite chinese green tea is Pilouchung and japanse green tea is Hon-gyokuro.
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