Can pregnant women drink tea?

Can pregnant women drink tea?
I usually drink at least 5 cups of tea everyday before I am pregnant.
So when I find out I am having the baby. This question comes to me:
Can pregnant women drink tea?
Sometimes people consider tea as drug because when you are
uncomfortable or getting a cold, a few cups of hot tea can help you
breath better. Also sometimes people consider tea and coffee provide
the same function and they are all one kind of drink to help people to
keep awake because of caffeine. No Matter what, tea plays a little
role in pregnant women?s life.
I actually do some research on line and here is some information I
Don?t drink tea in first trimester.
Many doctors suggest that it is best not to drink tea in early
pregnancy, because the first trimester is the fetal period of the
formation of the nervous system. Theophylline and caffeine in tea and
other ingredients will affect the fetal development
There is no regulation for which tea you can drink.
It is really interesting that many different opinions on which tea
pregnant women can drink. Many websites or tea masters keep different
views on this issue. However, they all have the same conclusion which
is pregnant women should not drink strong tea and it is better not
drink tea after dinner. The reason is very simple because the strong
tea may increase the opportunity of fetal growth and slow the
development and having tea after dinner may keep pregnant woman have a
sleepless night.
Afternoon tea is still the best for you.
I am so happy when I found out this: the best time to drink tea is
preferably in an hour after lunch to one hour before dinner time.
Because weak tea also contains tannin which hinders the absorption of
iron, pregnant women if drinking weak tea 1 hour after a meal, you can
not affect the absorption of iron, and can enhance the body resistance
to disease.
What a great news, isn?t it?
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Tea Aroma
An interesting post which I dont remember seeing before. I would be curious of any epidemiology evidence in tea drinking cultures like India or China. Caffeine is in the same category as alcohol and nicotine. Ive seen Moms who can give up the coffee but not the chocolate. When I plug in placenta and caffeine into Google I get a million hits that say the same thing. I kept looking at the summaries till one mentioned 200mg caffeine causing problems. I would say Yeah. What are we ingesting per cup maybe 10mg at max. There are some good decaffeinated teas. I would also throw in black teas like Puer Shu as a possibility of providing taste with the least amount. The evidence also suggests caffeine evaporates during the fermentation process.
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Space Cowboy
The evidence is still conflicting re the association between caffeine consumption and miscarriage, but it seems traumatic enough to justify a degree of conservatism, such as avoiding caffeine entirely.
The usual recommendation (per March of Dimes) is to limit consumption to less than 200mg/day. That's (handwavily, of course) about onw 12oz mug of coffee or two of tea.
The iron advice is good; and tea reduces availability of other minerals besides iron, too. Post hoc reasoning works for this: if your bloodwork shows you're not insufficient, you don't need to alter moderate tea consumption. Still, the one hour from meals rule seems pretty easy to incorporate, and doubled blood volume seems like it'd require a lot more iron be absorbed.
Congrats, also!
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