Champagne Darjeeling

Most of us love Darjeeling tea but few of us know why Champagne Darjeeling taste is so unique. I didn't know either until I have visited one of this largest Indian tea exports companies. I have a tea taster friend in Bangladesh who had been worked for famous British tea broker company- J. Thomas & Co. Pvt. Lt. J. Thomas is also one of the largest tea broker house in the world. First time I had tasted this Champagne Darjeeling in his house and I was so impressed with the taste. I asked why that Darjeeling was totally different? His answer was this is a special gifts from a Darjeeling estate owner. He wasn't so interested to explain more. After that experience I was always curious to know, which qualities Darjeeling teas are specially produces for the estate owner and their special friend- :)
When I was visited this company, luckly I got the chance to talk with the export manager. This young man was very open minded,smart, extrovert and very knowledgable about Indian teas and somehow felt comfortable with me, so did I. It is south Asian culture to offer a cup of tea with some light snakes. When he offered me, defenitly I asked for a fresh cup of Darjeeling. Believe me it was totally different then the tea we buy from on-line vendors. The tea was just 3 days old and the aroma was so delicate. After a little chat he understood my deep love with tea. Then he asked me- if I have ever tried champagne Darjeeling. I said- as far as I know, it is a special Darjeeling for special friends of Estate owner's. He just laughed and asked two cups for us. I was very happy and at once decided to ask him the secret of this Darjeeling tea. When we start siping the tea, he asked me-how was it. It was sweet, strong flowery aroma with a medium hints of almonds. The liquor was reddish with bright gold color. I said- it is defenitly good but why did they put sugar in it. He laughed and said it was pure brewed of Champagne Darjeeling( believe me, you don't need sugar in it, naturally it is very sweet). I got the chance and asked him the secret question. What makes this champagne Darjeeling so unique and why it is not widely avilable in the market. The answer was-
Champagne Darjeeling is a combination of very high quality teas from the best tea producing areas of Darjeeling. That's why this is more exclusive then a single estate Darjeeling. All good qualities from different Darjeeling estates are in this blend. Lots of golden tips in it. He warned me- not to be cheated by the name of Champagne Darjeeling, which are sometimes seen in the market. This kind of teas are exclusivley blended for a certain group of people.
we spend the whole evening and had dinner togather. Next day when I woke up, I got a message- "mr. Zaman, please collect your package from the front desk". It was a 250 gm. Champagne Darjeeling inside a wooden craving box, gifts from him. I am sure some of you had the chance to taste this, please leave your comment about your experience with this taste of heaven.
All I can say- Champagne Darjeeling is much better then a single estate Darjeeling.
Ripon (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
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Ripon 08:
This tea sounds extraordinary. Enjoy it much. Your trip to India sounds so rewarding. Thanks for sharing these things.
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Michael Plant
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Sounds great but hold the snakes on mine.
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