do you ever buy tea on ebay?

I was just browsing on ebay and I ran across a tea retailer (caiointl) with
an ebay store called: Formosa Tea. The listings state that the seller has
oolong imported directly from a Taiwan tea farmer. The feedback rating is
100% positive. Has anyone in this group bought tea through ebay? Any
experiences to share?
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Frank & Renee
Waaaaayyyyyy to expensive for me. My local tea shoppe sells a better selection of Taiwan teas cheaper. That won't do you any good but I'm sure someone will mention a website. It's better if you look for something specific like Dong-Ding or Bai Hao. The other thing I've noticed this year commercial Taiwan teas appearing on the shelves. Some cheap some expensive. The only guarantee of quality is if you pluck and process it yourself.
(caiointl) with
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Space Cowboy
Once.. from Caravan Spice Trading Something.. a keemun and a dragon's well. Decent teas, and I think I got 4 oz of each for $6 a piece. Good deal. Still have 'em somewhere.
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Falky foo
Apparently "zingodingo"'s eBay store is good too. He ships from Hong Kong but shipping is only $4-5.
Recently I saw 100g of silver needle for $12 or so.
I'd recommend eBay highly for small purchases of tea and trying new things out. I don't think I'd buy $100 worth of tea there or anything, but connoisseurship is all about new experiences.
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Falky foo

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