GIVEAWAY : Matcha Bundle : Over 200$ Worth of Matcha and Accessories - One Winner Every Week

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Hey friends, this is Morgan and Etienne, the two Frenchmen in Kyoto from Material Matcha.
After a year of hard work in Uji?s fields and in our workshop we are so excited to offer these 3 unique blends of 30g of pure Matcha :
MMU01 ? A sharp and rare matcha green tea MMU02 ? A smooth and rare matcha green tea MMU03 ? A full bodied and rare matcha green tea
Plus, we have added a great Matcha Tea-Set, so you can easily prepare the best Matcha you ever tasted :
A bamboo chasen whisk A Matcha chashaku scoop A Japanese chawan bowl
There are 5 way to enter. The more ways you enter, the more chance to win. Every week one winner will be picked at random and informed via email. Good luck !
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Tks, Morgan & Etienne
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