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hi all
since i'm in a pu-erh mood like others on this list, i decided to share some of my experiences as i learn about pu-erh also.
my favorite so far - black mushroom shaped pu-erh from holy mountain (can be found elsewhere as well) earthy, little woody but not musty
second favorite - the $1 tuo-cha from ten ren. similar to mushroom but a little less smooth, still excellent
mini tuo-cha from special teas are ok but they really seem to need a 10 second rinse else they are very musty. looks to be made from broken or chopped leaves if i remember correctly.
i also have a green pu-erh brick from holy mountain though i made it only once, and it was very bitter. vintage 1992 - how should this be brewed? 1 tsp, boiling water, 3 minute steep
my least favorite pu-erh is the plastic wrapped tuos from ten ren - i don't see them online though they are available at ten ren's shop in san francisco. quite earthy but has a very strong, overwhelming mushroomy scent and taste. i love mushrooms though this is too strong for my taste.
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Ben Snyder
OK, so forgive my newby-ness in this regard, please bear with me.
Sounds like
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Is this the sort of thing you're talking about?
Are Tao Of Tea Pu-Er teas good/awful/better than nothing?
Anyone care to reply with links to where I can purchase (real/good) Pu-Erh teas online? (FWIW: I'm in Oz-Tray-Lee-Uh)
Thanks Muchly. Phil P
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Phil Pierotti
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Your Newbeeness,
Here are two recommendations, one in your backyard and one in mine. I have had excellent tea from both, although I've never bought a pu-erh from the former:
Gray and Seddon in Australia:
G&S is good enough on Japanese greens to get me to order from halfway around the world. I recommend them in general. Their Pu-erh inventory is limited, but that might be a good thing. They definitely care about quality.
In Pursuit of Tea in Brooklyn, New York, God's Own Country
IPOT has some lovely Pu-erhs, most notably the "Silver Needle Been Cha," which is extraordinary, IMHO. They too have a limited inventory, but care about quality.
I would recommend David Hoffman's company, Silk Road Teas, but alas, he has no lane on the great information highway. He's in California, and would probably be my first recommendation to you otherwise.
WBMWAF? **OUCH** FWIW, we forgive you.

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Michael Plant
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Never had them, quality seems to differ widely depending on age and other factors.
Well, you can get pu-erh in lots of places, and it all depends on what you want to spend. tenren.com has these 100 gram pu-erh tuocha (bowl-shaped compressed pu-erh) for $1 each which are decent. Here's the link:
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This is a black pu-erh which makes a very smooth, earthy, dark brew. Never ever bitter no matter how long you steep, in fact it can be steeped overnight and it's excellent.
If you want to spend a bit more for better stuff, you can try holymtn.com -
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I just received one of the Tibetan mushroom pu-erh which is great alone or for Tibetan butter tea. Excellent stuff.
Also I got the aged green pu-erh tea brick (the $26 one) It's very good as long as you don't follow their brew directions. And the green type gets better with age.
There's a ton of other places which I hear are good but never ordered from, one of which is Imperial Tea Court
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enjoy! -ben
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Ben Snyder
My personal sources:
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Few grades or vintages mentioned. This site is in Kunming, Yunan, and has been very good to deal with. James has been very reliable and trustworthy. The teas have been good, but young, and the prices better than here in the US. There is something almost spiritual about opening up a box covered with Chinese stamps and postmarks to find several golden melons and a Yixing teapot.
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This is another Chinese site. They have a very good selection and are good about disclosing the true nature of there offerings. Very good about quoting both grade and vintage. Do not pay too much attention to the shipping costs listed on the website, email them for a shipping table instead. Michael also does a lot of business on ebay as well.
Some standard US sources (in no particular order):
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Nice selection, no mention of grades, some vintages quoted.
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AKA IPOT- Nice selection, no mention of grade or vintage.
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Nice selection, most grades and vintages are quoted.
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Unusual offerings like Pu Erh flowers etc.
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Nice slection, no real grades mentioned, some ages quoted but no vintages.
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! AKA ITC - Very nice selection, some grades and ages quoted, very few vintages quoted.
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Mike Petro
hmms. i think tea from imperial tea court is a little. pricey. i could get some of those tea cakes over here at half the price up there.
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You'll find great Pu-Erh at
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This tea comes from South Central Yunnan. Once picked, the leaves are twisted then naturally dried in the shade. Fermentation develops this absolutely unique earthy taste, slightly sweet, with a deep red infusion. Pu-Er teas are aged teas that are sometimes quite old.
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