Stock up on MaoFeng and LongJing

Youll never have to buy MaoFeng or LongJing again if you can find these in your store and stock up.
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I couldnt find them on the Web. They are that good and cheap. $5 for each 100g resealable package. HangZhou TianTang produces the two Dragonwells. ZheJiang ChuNan produces the MaoFeng. The only thing that changes on the packaging is the name. For the curious the Baby Leaves are thinner and longer. All three produce succulent first cups but fade quickly with second. At that price Ill brew a new cup each time. The packaging size does vary due to leaf size. If you dont know how to make tea put some in a saucer and enjoy the aroma. The lingering infused taste will stay with you for hours. Ive always found with Chinese teas if you get glitzy packaging you usually get something special inside. Notice the picture that shows the leaves in a glass which is the way it is meant to be drank. These are my reference teas for these types.
PS The two characters for Baby Leaves are YinZhen.
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