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Hi everyone, there seems to be a new development in the field Tea good
for health.I was reading about it on
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which Current research shows tea contains specific antioxidants &
health promoting ingredients, lowering the risk of heart disease,
stroke & certain types of cancer like oral, pancreatic and prostate.
Regular cups of tea can help speed recovery from stress, researchers
from University College London (UCL) said on Wednesday. Today, Tea
forms an integral part of the modern healthy lifestyle, which comprises
a balanced diet, combined with regular exercise routine. Read on to
find out how Tea helps you lead a healthier life Extensive research &
studies have revealed that Tea is one of the richest sources of
Antioxidants. These Antioxidants, as scientists agree, are found in Tea
in the form of Polyphenols. There is scientific evidence to prove that
Antioxidants promote heart health, prevent Cancer, help combat & guard
against most diseases like Diabetes, Blood pressure, Tumor, Ulceration,
Inflammation, Intestinal problems, Dental decay and a lot more.
Tea, Fruits & Vegetables are known to be the richest sources of
Antioxidants, where Tea tops the list in its richness. As Tea is
tooth-friendly it protects the teeth from caries thereby preventing
tooth decay. Theaflavins in Tea play a prominent role in the inhibition
of Plaque-formation. Tea has nutritional properties which means it is
rich in vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and many more such healthy
elements. Tea is a zero calorie drink too. Tea thus has become popular
with fitness, well being and good health. It has been suggested that an
intake of up to 10 cups of tea per day may be a useful dietary habit.
Did you know that 650 ml of tea provides over half of the total intake
of dietary falconoid; nearly 16% of the daily requirement of calcium;
almost 10% of the daily requirement of zinc; over 10% of the folic acid
need; around 9%, 25% and 6% of vitamins B1, B2 and B6 respectively.
Black tea is virtually calorie-free (1 calorie per 100 ml) and sodium
free, therefore a suitable beverage for individuals on low calorie or
low sodium diet. Tea includes fluoride, traces of vitamins A, K, C, B
carotene and B vitamins.
Tea is a pleasant, popular, socially accepted, economical and safe
drink that is enjoyed every day by hundreds of millions of people
across all continents. So, enjoy your cup of tea and stay assured that
it is doing good to your system. Apart from tea being beneficial to
health, it can be used as a beauty aid too.
I thought I would share this info with you. Maybe you would want to
read about it there. Regards, Payal
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I was once a die-hard coffee hound, but after chatting with a relative about the medicinal benefits of green tea one day, I decided to curb my obligatory addiction and give it a try.
Well, that was six months ago and I haven't looked back. I discovered that the aroma and flavor of tea make a far more satisfying brew. Minor aches and muscle pains have disappeared, my teeth have whitened, I sleep, breathe and think better, and its positive influence on regularity has had an astonishing effect on my overall well being. How could I return to heartburn and mouthwash?
Yes, I'm a believer ... it's funny too, because I thought sticking to the higher quality wholebean coffees was doing myself a favor. I don't even use half and half any more, and saving money I never realized I was spending to feed an illusion!
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