Tips on frugal food-buying in the Philadelphia region

Depending on where you live in the delmarva area, you can save a good pinch by doing holiday/bulk shopping in Delaware and saving that sales tax.
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James G

(really, really Norhteast Philly) his complaints revolve around chain sites in Delaware County only. I think the main complaint should be they didn't recognize this 'superior human being' enter their establishments and kowtow accordingly.
You want frugality and food (hey, he never addressed those, merely chains and black Friday), try the Italian Market, the Reading Terminal -while not exactly cheap, if you know what you want and know your foodstuffs, you do get your money's worth (frugal doesn't necessarily mean cheap). I remember when we lived in the northeast (Philly not Bucks), there were numerous fruit and veg stands all over, you just had to know which ones were legit and who had good stuff (they all picked it up from the Tioga Marine Terminal in South Philly, you just need to know it was picked up the day you buy it). Try local neighborhood butchers, they know their stuff. My favorite was Lachowicz on Orthodox and Almond Streets. The owner there also recommended his cousin, a fishmonger, both of whom were deathly afraid of letting the family down that set the standard for their businesses. It is possible to get by in Philly. Know your coupons, your stores that have better prices than most, shop discounters, and you can do it without some bonehead from the Media area harping on about Philly's lack of deals. -ginny
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Virginia Tadrzynski

That's just the type of information the OP is providing, just not for your little corner of the city.
Again, that's just what he's proposing, if you bother to read the first few paragraphs. So why are you crying? Maybe because you're not original enough to create a web page yourself?
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Spoken like a business person whose ego is bruised... I found the page inspiring because like most people I think retail businesses deserve to get slapped around from time to time.
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Need a little dip with that big old chip on your shoulder, Sparky?
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James G, at, wrote on Monday 28 April 2008 01:17 am:
Very true. I love to watch the Widescreen TVs in the back of pickups coming down the road from Delaware on Saturday afternoons. That and your sundry appliances. Rarely an empty pickup truck in the areas on weekends. Those discount stores sit right on the state borders for a reason.
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