When to purchase first flush teas?

When is the best time to order first flush teas for the year? When do the usual vendors have these teas available?
I am especially interested in first flush Darjeelings.
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is already advertising their first 2004 FF Darjeeling: Namring Estate FTGFOP1 DJ-2/2004. I've tried it, and it's not bad; floral and grassy, with a very oolongy feel.
The bulk of the first flushes will arrive within the next few months, depending on weather and politics.
Regards, Dean
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First of all, this year Darjeeling first flush production is not as good as previous years. That is so far I have heard. I am waiting for a sample from India, I will let you know.
If you are just first flush DJ lover, you better buy from some German vendors. German's are the major buyer for first flush and they pay highest price for first flush. Wait one more month, and search for German on-line vendors and enjoy the best first flush Darjeeling tea.
Ripon (Vienna,VA)
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The leaf of the Darjeeling you sent me is much darker than what I'm used to, apropos of what Nigel posted a few days ago. This must be the darker local consumption thing happening vis-a-vis the European and American greener taste. We'll see what 2004 has to offer. I like a good FF myself; but my hopes are not so high.
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Michael Plant
My friend in India who works in the tea industry tells me the same. I too am waiting for some samples and will let you know when they arrive. My friend believes that the quality becomes lower every year due to the fact that the estates starts picking earlier and earlier, and are less quality concious. I wonder if this is due increasing demand from the world market.
I will try some German vendors.
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is a nice place to go when looking for both online and offline vendors. Unfortunately it is only in German, but with the help of Babelfish it should be understandable.
Lars (Bergen, Norway)
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Lars M

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