Alternatives for White Label lover?

Hi all,
My dad has drunk White Label all his life. Occasionally I try buying him "upscale" scotch but I am not knowledgeable in the area and never seem to get something he prefers to White Label. I learned early on (a costly mistake!) that he prefers blended to single malt. I've tried Black Label and Gold Label but he genuinely seems to like While Label best (OK, part of it may be due to him not wanting me spending too much money).
Anyway, can the experts here tell me what else is out there that may be pleasing to someone who likes White Label? Up to $120 or so is fine.
Thanks in advance for your help.
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Is that Dewars White Label? There was once a Johnny Walker White Label too, and there might be others.
If it's Dewars, do you know what he likes about it? It's not a regular of mine but I seen it described as a bit smoky. If he likes the smoky taste, Johnny Walker Black might suit him, too. And there's a new blend out recently (in my area, at least) called Ailsa Craig, which is quite smoky for a blend.
Somewhat less smoky but up the scale a little would be the Ballantine's 12 year old, Gold Seal.
But consider whether your dad might be someone who has found the brand he likes and really wouldn't appreciate more attempts to have him try other scotches. In that case, you could buy him a bottle of White Label and take him out for a nice dinner.
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bill van

Hi Bill,
Yes, that's Dewar's White Label. I did try Johnny Walker's Black and Gold, but to no avail. Like you said, he's probably become accustomed to the specific qualities of White Label over a lifetime of drinking it, although I was hoping there'd be SOMETHING else out there that would be upscale, better, but not too different. Thanks again for your input.
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Dewar's bottles a premium blend called "Dewar's Signature" that goes for about $200. It is an excellent blend, but I don't know how it compares to White Label as I haven't tried that blend in years.
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