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I always or almost always make my own labels and they look really good but the problem is if you wet them they run :o( Does anyone know of a company that will print them professionally and ship them to you if you send them the JPEG of whatever you want printed. I'm not really impressed with the online labels available or the ones you can buy at the brewstore... Louise:o)
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Louise Gagnon
Louise Gagnon at cogently articulated the following:
Spray them with a light coat of clear gloss protectant/sealant, found in a spray can at your local hardware store. Works a charm.
Roger Quinta do Placer
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I take my beer labels, which get very wet, to Office Max or a similar outfit. I get my labels sized right in MS Word, then burn them on CD. Avery makes a solid sheet of label paper that I have Office Max print on it using their color laser printer (no bleeding.) I cut them out there using one of their nice paper cutters (no need for scissors). I usually get 6 beer labels per sheet, and the sheets normally cost a buck or so printed. When my wine is done this winter I'll probably get four labels per sheet, but we'll have to wait and see.
Oh, my Word docs are nothing but my labels in PNG format (no jaggies) placed and sized wherever and however I want. The label paper stays on when wet, but after a good soak it can be easily removed, a lot like most good European beer labels.
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When I started to make my own labels, I printed them on a HP Ink-jet printer. The ink was easily dissolved by water. When I had to buy a new printer, I choosed an Epson printer, since the ink handles the water much better.
I tried to print out a sheet of labels, let it dry over the night and then put the sheet in water for a minute. Could hardly see that the ink has been washed out of the paper by the water.
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Jørn Dahl-Stamnes
Sounds like the problem you have is with an inkjet printer, doesn't matter....this will work with any printer. Very simple solution..............after printing the labels....spray them with a clear lacquer. Available from any hardware store like Home Depot..........usually about $4 per can and does a few hundred labels. After they dry.......cut out or whatever and apply to your bottles. Cheers Ron
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I have an HP InkJet. In order to keep the ink on my wine labels from running if they wet or damp, I give them a light mist with aerosol hairspray. My brother has had two Epson ink jet printers and the ink didn't run as badly as my HP does - when he could get the Epson printers to work at all. He finally gave up on Epson and bought an HP Inkjet printer. And a can of aerosol hairspray.
I'm sure not everyone has the same experience that he did. YMMV.
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Jay Enterkin
Wow! this is an old post... I have since bought a laser printer and I no longer "wine" about my labels running :o) Louise
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I use a canon BJC-6100 and they don't run easily. I've set a wet glass on a printed page and it didn't run... Doesn't use water based ink.
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