Article that Screw Caps Taint wine....see link

| Research carried out for this year's International Wine | Challenge - the world's biggest wine competition - found | faults caused by screw caps are almost as common as cork | taint.
N.B.: "almost as common".
| From a blind tasting of 13,000 wines, they discovered 4% of | the wine with corks had faults from oxidation or high sulphide | levels - giving it an eggy flavour - compared with 2% of | screw-cap bottles.
N.B.: *4%* compared to *2%*.
From my understanding of maths and the English language, I'd say that from these findings cork problems are twice as common.
But then English is not my first language, and probably I don't get the reasoning.
Btw, there's a vivid and enlighting discussion about this article on Robin Garr's WLDG:
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Michael Pronay

What is N.B?
This link was in Robert Parkers site so I shared the article.
I am not opposed to the Screw Cap for the most part(especially for whites, and every day reds, and 5-10 year new world reds)....also last night my last bottle of 1995 Justin Isoceles went down the drain and might have been corked. Or might not have been the wine I would have preferred to have. That said the 1996 was fantastic.
My position has changed for the time being until more wines become available under screw cap.
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Richard Neidich

I only looked at the first 1000 wines or so, and all appeared to me to be pretty recent bottlings. I think that is the reason that only 4% with corks are tainted. Good chance that 1- 2% are off just from faulty winemaking and cellar conditions.
wait a few years out, I and I bet the corks produce closet to the typical 10+% defective wine.
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