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If you are going to Mars
2 days ago
TN: weekend wines- Montus, Piper-H, biodynamic Bdx blanc , Vire-Clesse
With swordfish, eggplant, pasta with pesto, & squash, the 2018 Peybonhomme "Blanc Bonhomme." This is Bordeaux blanc, despite being in a Burgundy bottle (or something close, tighter neck). 50/50 Sem...
3 days ago
TN: Mostly Loires by the Hudson
Another hot Wednesday, but in the shade with the breeze off river we had a good time at the park. I brought lamb/green bean salad, cheeses, kohlrabi/apple slaw. Others shared cucumber soup, fatoush, s...
6 days ago
TN: wines with Njuda and more - ESJ, Jamek, Brun, etc
Hot Friday, Betsy made a nice cool dinner- green tea noodles, sashimi, bok choy, etcc with the 2017 Les Fouques ?La Londe ? Cotes de Provence. This was a bit flat, round strawberry, not my fave. B-/C...
1 week ago
TN: Hot 4th of July
July 4th was a scorcher, but a couple dozen people showed up for a party , and surprisingly most stayed outside rather than fleeing to the AC. I was in charge of mango salsa, tuna with green garlic/wa...
1 week ago
TN: 2 Loire whites, 2 Gamays, 2 roses
Hot evening Wednesday, but nice group gathered by river in shade for jazz concert. We carried grilled shrimp over greens, pate, culatello, cheeses, and fruit. 2005 Cazin ?Vendanges Manuelles? Cour-...
2 weeks ago 2
TN: CalChard, Languedoc, Rosso di Montalcino
Sunday was lovely, and we went over to friends (hound in tow) for dinner on their deck. We carried the appetizers- radish leaf pesto on radish, garlic scape pesto crostini, celery with Robiola, and th...
2 weeks ago 2
TN: Missing Mark L- Burgs, Loires, Bdx, Riesling, and more
A few weeks ago we cancelled a dinner when Mark L?s trip to NYC was curtailed. But the rest of us decided to try again Saturday. Our table seats 8 as we were thinking Mark could have an Elijah chair i...
2 weeks ago 4
TN: North American red blends
Friday night was local non-serious wine group, we went over to Roger?s where he had an assortment of Schaller and Weber sausage and a German mustard assortment (also my first Beyond Meat sausage). ...
2 weeks ago
TN: Northern Rhones (and a couple Rieslings) at Bite of Hong Kong in NYC
On a hot Thursday a group of us met at Bite of Hong Kong in Chinatown for a reprise of a Northern Rhone dinner last year. Great food- dried squid with Chinese leeks (I would have called chives, but de...
2 weeks ago
TN: 2 roses and a Chassagne 1er by river
Wednesday was hot but clear, in the shade by the river it was pretty comfortable. The Hastings Jazz Collective includes a few friends, and put on a nice show. We had lobster salad, steak salad with tz...
3 weeks ago
"No level of alcohol consumption improves health"
3 weeks ago 1
TN: Ducru 1975-2001
Our city Bordeaux group met at Bobby Van?s for a Ducru vertical last night. Good group, we started with a white and some bubbles 2012 Duplessis ?Les Clos? Chablis GC I believe my first Duplessis, ...
3 weeks ago
TN: 3 Bordeaux, 2 Loires, and 1 from the Marches
A couple glorious nights for eating on patio. Friday pave steaks, squash, sweet potato, & salad with the 2000 Ch. de Pez. Warm red fruit, a little mocha, soft tannins, a bit of leather. Nice enough bu...
3 weeks ago
4 weeks ago