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TN: Jadot and Roederer
Betsy and I went up to see friends last night-they made a beautiful perfectly cooked Flannery ribeye, corn with sage, and salad. We were greeted with the NV Roederer Brut Champagne. This is a full ...
3 days ago
WTN: 2 wines in tribute to Michel Lafarge, plus Picq, Montille, and more
With salmon, roast mushrooms, and cauliflower, the 2005 Lafarge Bourgogne. Still structured but drinking well, full black cherry fruit accented with blood orange and smoke. Nice showing for a 15 year ...
4 days ago 2
TN: ZPC night, from good to horrid
Local non-serious group Friday, theme was ZPC, we ended up with more Primitivo than Zinfandel, but no Crljenak Kastelanski. I had to pick up Betsy later, so was spitting (,000 on my new breathalyzer 3...
4 days ago
TN: Rioja 1942-1996 at Noreetuh
Patrick was in town from Colorado, and some of the usual suspects and a few new friends gathered at Noreetuh, where we were very well treated. I enjoyed the walu dish, pork jowl musubi, ankimo torcho...
1 week ago 1
TN: Tuesday night claret
Roast chicken, carrots with cumin, salad, and the 1970 Beychevelle. This is a wine that some might find tired, but to me it?s a fine example of mature claret. Soft black plum, mushrooms, forest floor,...
1 week ago
You need to buy Aussie wine
1 week ago 2
TN: Burgs, Tuscan, Nahe, Campania, Loire
I made poulet bonne femme, cauliflower, salad, and opened the 2010 Matrot ?Les Combettes? Puligny-Montrachet 1er. Matrot used to be one of the white Burg producers I bought regularly, but stopped due ...
1 week ago
This group
Is Yahoo killing these newsgroups?
1 week ago 5
Is there any red wine with low ABV but at least medium tannins?
I'm thinking 10% alcohol or less (which as we know in the USA means it's more likely to be 11.5%). Thanks.
1 week ago 2
Question about super-cheap reds (newbie/non-connoisseur).
I like to add a small amount of red wine to various fruit juices. I have a friend who buys inexpensive reds, usually Cabs, such as Bolla, Yellow Tail, Carlo Rossi, Barefoot, Robert Mondavi, etc. in t...
2 weeks ago 1
TN: Champagne, Bordeaux, Burgs, Etna, ESJ, Mencia and more
Betsy had to leave town for a family emergency, so my New Year?s plans changed. Went to SIL?s on NYE, starters were potatoes with creme fraiche and salmon roe as well as 3-liver pate, main was a salmo...
2 weeks ago
TN: Post Christmas- Piedmont, Burg, Loires,
Thursday we had Betsy?s sister and brother-in-law, nice and her boyfriends, and nephew and his girlfriend for dinner. 2 pescetarians, 2 mushroom haters, 2 olive avoiders, and one tomatosauce despiser....
3 weeks ago
TN: Xmas- Burg, Bojo, Champagne, Donnhoff sekt, etc
Christmas Eve we went to dinner at friends?. Afterwards Betsy and I were going to join a group on city streets for a party for the homeless, so I could only take a small taste of wines. Starters were ...
4 weeks ago
TN: Bubbles, Burg, ESJ, Rhone, Chianti, Loire, etc
Tuesday I visited neighbors for dinner- ham and vegetable soup, salad, garlic bread, and a couple of reds 2007 Grangier St. Joseph A forgotten cellar orphan, this has held on well if not especially...
1 month ago
TN: MSR, Bdx, Beaujolais, Galicia, CA
Saturday was black cod in miso, braised greens, rice. Wine was the 2016 Markus Molitor Urziger Wurzgarten Riesling Kabinett. Rather tropical fruit, mango with a little peach, decent acids, light, ple...
1 month ago