TN: Burg, Loire, Champagne and more with Blue Hill seafood box (and some meat)

With lobster, herb-salt crusted sea bream, coleslaw (from Blue Hill Stone Barns ResourcED bo, see note at end)
2012 F. Carillion ?Les Referts? Puligny-Montrachet 1er
This was an accidental open, I thought I was opening the 2013 village wine. Young, structured, a lot of oak right now but I still like. But Betsy says she doesn?t, so not sorry last one. But for me B+
A nice small gathering of friends on the patio, separate tables of course.
Canapes (radish leaf pesto on radish, hummus on Chioggia beet)
Oysters with celery/ramp mignonette, fluke ceviche, seaweed salad
Sous-vide/grilled rack of lamb, potato salad, celery /chickpea salad
Ossau-Iraty, St Agur, Robiola
NV Seleque Solessence? Brut Rosé
Fairly dark color, full bodied and full flavored, with strawberry, red plum, and spice. Tangy and tasty. B+
1979 Ampeau ?Les Combottes? Puligny-Montrachet 1er
Lively, good color, some butterscotch is only real signal of age. Pear and honey.Quite alive, but not the most complex 40 year old 1er. B
2017 Proprieta Sperino Rosato Rosa Del Rosa
Apparently Nebbiolo from Alto Piedmonte. Good cherry fruit, spice, tea, but maybe a little flat, maybe better earlier. B/B-
1989 Olga Raffault?Les Picasses? Chinon
I?ve had some really good bottles of this, but to me this wasn?t one (others liked more). I?m pretty brett-tolerant, and can deal with pyrazines, but this was horsey and green. Unsure why the bottle variation -storage could explain brett, less so greeness. B-
2000 Les Plantiers du Haut-Brion Blanc
This on other hand was pleasant surprise. 2nd wine,not really a strong vintage for whites, just arrived. Whoa, this is nice, peach/tropical with coconut and a waxy note, moderate acids, good length. My surprise WOTN- B+/A-
Soba salad with chicken and crunchy veggies, spinach with sesame
2019 Pibarnon Bandol Rose
This is fine but not exciting, perfectly competent but not really a value. B
Oysters with that mignonette and seaweed salad, scallop ceviche, leftover potato and celery salad
2018 Piuze ?Terroir de Chablis? Chablis
Vibrant acids, apple and citrus over chalk, lovely. B+
so the most celebrated/exciting restaurant in my area is Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Farm to Table before it became a buzzphrase, meals was theatrical and quirky, but also delicious (and really expensive). When the pandemic shut everything down, Dan Barber and crew were worried about suppliers. So they started offering a variety of boxes each week for home cooks. A produce box, a pork box, dairy box, lamb box, etc. My Zoom group surprised me with a gift of a seafood box (I did a lot of the distributing of wines each week). A lovely drive to Stone Barns, and then we opened the bounty.
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Whole sea bream, with green salt crust mixture (rosemary, tarragon, parsley thyme, egg white). We've done salt crust before, but this was a revelation- forget cookies, put this in oven for a real estate open house
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Lobster (cooked and split)
Widows Hole (Long Island) oysters
Mignonette (fermented celery, fresh celery, celery seed, green strawberry, pickled ramps)- wow, maybe my favorite thing in box
Crab cakes (we froze these
Fluke ceviche (shishito, lemon basil, melon, with last years pepper pickling juice as acid!). Great
Phytoplankton bread (green and tastes of the sea!)
Seaweed salad (Maine kelp and dulce with sesame, cucumber, hyssop
Risotto (vermont brown rice) with lobster/kombu broth- taking this to Maine with us.
Really fun. Not cheap, but I might do the lamb box later this month. Nice to keep supply chain going
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