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TN: 1989 Libournais, plus 2 TdC Champagnes, Raveneau, and a strange Macon
A nice group got together at Quality Italian for a 1989 Right Bank Bordeaux tasting last night. The main room at QI is quite loud, but service was good and so was the food. As we gathered and chat...
7 months ago
TN: Cotats, Ecu, Pavelot, Laguiche, and more
With flounder, bok choy and rice the 2007 Pascal Cotat ? Monts Damnes? Sancerre in a perfect place, grapefruit/lime and strong mineral notes, some herb with air. Quite full but with acid backbone. A-...
7 months ago
A comparison of two American Gamays
Over the weekend, Jean and I decided to do a comparative tasting of two of our favorite domestic Gamays, Edmmunds St. John Bone-Jolly from the Sierra Foothills of CA and Chateau Grand Traverse Gamay...
7 months ago 5
7 months ago 1
TN: Hirtzberger Gru Ve
With roast chicken, leftover mushroom risotto, and arugula the 2016 Hirtzberger ? Rotes Tor? Gruner Veltliner Federspiel (I had originally gotten this out thinking I?d get some oily fish, but ended up...
7 months ago 2
7 months ago
TN: Rioja, Navarro, Yvonne, Vino Nobile, and a wine from Milan in Santa Cruz
Friday we went to visit a friend in her new apartment, she made cauliflower/chickpea curry, a salad, and a pear tart, as well as serving some nice cheeses. 1994 Paterno Vino Nobile di Montepulcian...
7 months ago
TN: weekend wines (Bdx, Burg, RRV, Loire, Champagne)
Friday- Oysters on halfshell, bluefish with a mayo/lime coat, potatoes, sauteed spinach , and eye of the goat beans 2014 La Barbotaine Sancerre Citrus, apple, a little grass, modest length. Competen...
7 months ago
TN: 9 bottles (8 red, 1 white) of Cos d'Estournal
6 of our Bdx group regulars and 2 guests met at Bobby Van?s for a Cos d?Estournel vertical Tues night Nice group, I enjoyed my crab cakes and ribeye( and B-sprouts, fries, hash browns, missed out on t...
7 months ago
Confused About Georges Duboeuf Wines
Not the wines themselves. I suppose you could say I'm confused by the business model (for lack of a better phrase). I have noticed that there are any number of estates (Chateau de Saint-Amour, Chate...
7 months ago 1
TN: St Patrick's last minute party
A pre-St Patricks party Saturday was cancelled due to host?s illness, so I had a solo dinner while Betsy had a concert in city. With broiled small mackerels, rice, and broccoli rabe, the 2016 Koehle...
7 months ago 2
TN: Rhones, plus ESJ and Vouvray
With berbere-spiced roast chicken, the 2018 Edmunds St John Heart of Gold. Drinking well, lemon zest over ripe pear and melon. Balanced, vibrant, tasty. B++ Over to Dave?s for local non-serious gr...
7 months ago 1
TN: Pepiere and Baudry, Clerc Milon, Wind Gap, Digioia-Royer , and more
Tuesday for Mardi Gras I made jambalaya, and opened the 2017 Lapierre Morgon (sulphured). Warm red cherry and raspberry fruit, some tannin, good acids. Not my favorite vintage but strong B+/B No ...
8 months ago
TN: Brun, Bachelet, MaxGrun, Monbousquet, etc
With roast chicken sweet potatoes, & salad , the 2014 Bachelet Bourgogne Rouge, Fairly tannic for Bourgogne, some Gevrey-ish soi notes, a little meaty. Pretty tasty though red meat might have been bet...
8 months ago
righteous farming
Is there a difference between biodynamic and organic? -- Rich
8 months ago 10