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TN: North American red blends
Friday night was local non-serious wine group, we went over to Roger?s where he had an assortment of Schaller and Weber sausage and a German mustard assortment (also my first Beyond Meat sausage). ...
7 months ago
TN: Northern Rhones (and a couple Rieslings) at Bite of Hong Kong in NYC
On a hot Thursday a group of us met at Bite of Hong Kong in Chinatown for a reprise of a Northern Rhone dinner last year. Great food- dried squid with Chinese leeks (I would have called chives, but de...
7 months ago
TN: 2 roses and a Chassagne 1er by river
Wednesday was hot but clear, in the shade by the river it was pretty comfortable. The Hastings Jazz Collective includes a few friends, and put on a nice show. We had lobster salad, steak salad with tz...
7 months ago
"No level of alcohol consumption improves health"
7 months ago 1
TN: Ducru 1975-2001
Our city Bordeaux group met at Bobby Van?s for a Ducru vertical last night. Good group, we started with a white and some bubbles 2012 Duplessis ?Les Clos? Chablis GC I believe my first Duplessis, ...
7 months ago
TN: 3 Bordeaux, 2 Loires, and 1 from the Marches
A couple glorious nights for eating on patio. Friday pave steaks, squash, sweet potato, & salad with the 2000 Ch. de Pez. Warm red fruit, a little mocha, soft tannins, a bit of leather. Nice enough bu...
7 months ago
7 months ago
TN: wines by river- CA Chard, Alsace Riesling, Burg rose
Wednesday was supposed to be the first of our little village?s summer jazz concerts, but Tues night I looked at forecast (80% chance of thunderstorm) and it looked like it would be changed to indoor v...
7 months ago
TN: Father's Day weekend- authentic roses and more
With salmon Thursday, the 2018 Thomas-Labaille ?Authentique? Sancerre Rose. Snappy, mineral, tasty. B+ No wine Friday, we went with some friends to Carnegie Hall to see Betsy?s sister?s final perfo...
7 months ago 2
TN: Spanish reds, US rose, Italian white, French red and white, NZSB
With Artic char and spinach, the 2018 Edmunds St. John Bone Jolly Gamay rose. Strawberries and raspberries, a little herby, good minerally finish. As always, a re-buy. B+ Friday we went to dinner...
8 months ago 1
oops, lost my notes on Loire night
Friday our local non-serious group gathered at Fred?s for a look at the Loire. Nice spring evening on the deck with an incredible spread of food- a salmon mousse, radishes with butter, goat and other ...
8 months ago
TN French wines (and 1 Chianti) at home and in the 'Gunks
Thursday was Keta (chum) salmon, baby Chinese mustard greens, brown rice, and salad; wine was the 2018 Mas de Gourgonnier rose (Les Baux de Provence). Pale, delicate, citrus, srawberries, and flowers...
8 months ago
TN: Many wines on Memorial Day weekend
Lobster was on sale, so steamed a couple chicks, made some spinach, and opened the 2006 Littorai Heintz Chardonnay. Pear, lemon zest, and just a touch of oak. The oak seems to come out a bit more w...
8 months ago 4
TN: Bairrada , Burgs, Sancerre, more
Berbere roast chicken, roasted leeks and radishes, salad, and the 2018 Domaine Collotte Marsannay Rose. Cherry and strawberry, lemon zest, on the plump side for Burgundy rose but tasty. B Swordfish...
8 months ago
TN: Montrose!
Our Bordeaux group and a couple of other friends met at Bobby Van?s in Midtown East last night. We had some whites to start (I started with a crab cake) 2014 Francois Carillon ?Les Macherelles ? Ch...
9 months ago