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TN: T'giving (US) w/Meyney, Produttori, Coudert, Peters, Perez
Figured seafood was good for night before turkey day, so on Wednesday we ha d roast branzino, brown rice, bok choy, and salad. With was the 2014 Raul P erez ?Sketch? Albarino. Pear and lemon, ripe a...
7 months ago 3
TN: Rieslings, Italians, CF, Beaujolais
Thursday was the worst weather related traffic I?ve ever seen. Only 6 inches snow total, but results worse than a blizzard.In Dobbs Ferry the snow started coming down right before school let out, ...
7 months ago 2
TN: back to wine- 64 and 01 Nebbiolo, white Burg, 2 roses, more
After 8 days of no wine, on Friday I opened the 2016 F. Cotat Chavignol San cerre Rose with tandoori style chicken, quinoa pilaf, asparagus, and salad. Nice, better with a couple hours air (and bet...
8 months ago 6
TN: CdBriailles Iles des Vergelesses
Wednesday was Halloween, and the last night before I forego wine for a week and a half (for waistline reasons). Gave out a couple thousand pieces of c andy at office, then came home to make dinner ...
8 months ago 4
What's a 'jammy' wine? Can anyone suggest a particular bottle, which exemplifies this character?
8 months ago 3
TN: Nick and Mark take SOBER down less traveled roads (Bandol, Madiran, Australia, etc)
Nick was hosting SOBER, but for logistical reasons was moved to Mark? ?s home. I picked up Franco at Tarrytown train, we arrived to find Nick ( assisted by Nancy) busy prepping, with some nice canap...
8 months ago 2
TN: Chardonnay, Syrah, Sangiovese, Chenin, and more
With leftovers, the 2015 LeSeurre Lemberger (Finger Lakes). Ripe for Blaufr ankisch (12% abv, tastes riper), some vanilla, sweet. B-/B Betsy and a friend were in VIrginia, invited her friend?s husb...
8 months ago
TN: Ruby's 2nd bday,
With flounder, broccoli rabe, and quinoa, I opened the 2010 Thomas-Labaille ?Les Monts Damnes- Cuvee Buster? Sancerre. I?ve ha d some lovely 2010 Sancerres lately, so don?t think this is a repre s...
8 months ago 1
TN: Bubbles, Burgs, and 1 NZ Chardonnay at Noreetuh in East Village, NYC
Thursday I headed into city for a dinner welcoming some visiting NZ wine fo lks. #6 line from Grand Central was having signal problems, I eventually ma de it as far as Union Sq and walked to Noreetu...
8 months ago
TN: good Rieslings and Loire, good and bad (damaged?) Bdx
A bit of delay in SLC, but made it back to NY Thursday night. Dinner mostly from freezer - chicken sausage and dal, plus delicata squash. 1996 Ch. Troplong Mondot Some browning on rim, slight...
8 months ago 10
TN: Southern Italy (no Sicily)
Friday Roger hosted our local non-serious group, theme was Southern Italy ( no Sicily). A nice assortment of cheese, charcuterie, etc, and some blind w ines. But first a white 2016 Feudi di San G...
9 months ago
TN: 3 Bdx 2 Rhone in Sacramento
Wednesday we travelled across Sacramento to see and old wine friend and his family. We were greeted by Arv, Jen, their beautiful twins, and their Germ an Shepherd Charcuterie, pickled green beans...
9 months ago
TN: Wines in Mendocino
I was supposed to fly to Medford OR to attend Betsy?s quartet conce rt in Ashland Sat. Got up at 3 AM, got to Newark, everything was looking go od as I boarded for first leg to Detroit But deplaned ...
9 months ago 1
TN: Really good Beaujolais, ok red Rhone and white Burg
With grilled tuna steak , roasted peppers, quinoa, dal, & salad, the 2016 Pavillon de Chavannes?Cuvee des Ambassades?-Cote de Brouill y. Looks like the embassies will be drinking well this year. C...
9 months ago
TN: Good weekend of wines from all over- Spain, France, US, and Germany
Friday I did sous vide miso salmon, udon, kale, and salad. Wine was the 201 6 Dutraive Fleurie. Bright, crunchy red fruits (cherry and raspberry), flo ral, herby. Fresh and balanced, very good. B+ ...
9 months ago