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TN: 95 LB, 98 RB, Beaujolais blanc, Saar
Before going to a Leo Kottke/Bruce Cockburn double bill at Tarrytown Music Hall, we took some friends to dinner at Bistro 12 across the street. I had octopus and braised rabbit with mushrooms, had bro...
9 months ago
TN: Burgs, Loires, Champagne, Spain
Friday dinner started with shucking some oysters, while we enjoyed the 2016 Bzikot Puligny-Montrachet (375 ml) Lemon pie and light oak notes, fairly ripe with moderate acids. B/B- Tuna steak, swe...
9 months ago
TN: Magdelaine and Belair-Monange
With the demise of Ch. Magdelaine and its incorporation into Belair-Monange, Tom and John set up a tasting. Originally set for Dec, we finally convened last night. Tom had sent a case of the younger M...
9 months ago
TN:Sociando-Mallet vertical
A nice group - old friends and new- met at Sutton Inn last night for a Sociando-Mallet vertical. Restaurant did a nice job- we shared a couple of charcuterie platters, then I had a pea soup with pinen...
9 months ago 5
WTN: Nice wines this weekend- Burgs, Loires, Bdx and more
A couple of friends, her mother, and one of their dogs came to dinner Friday. We started with smoked salmon and cheese straws, and the 2005 Andre Beaufort Brut Millesime Grand Cru Champagne. Yeasty, ...
9 months ago
TN: Easter weekend - Bdx, Beaujolais, Barolo, Bandol (blanc), RIeslings, more
We were all supposed to go to a seder Friday night, but my MIL wasn?t feeling well so stayed home. Scallops, green beans, bulgur, salad, and: 2012 Terrebrune Bandol Blanc Quince and pineapple, low...
9 months ago 3
TN: Portuguese night, + some French wines and a lone Austrian
Friday was Portuguese night for our local non-serious wine group. Alex put out a nice spread with linguica, a variation on Bacalhau com natas (using smoked whitefish instead of bacalhau) cheeses, sala...
10 months ago 2
TN: 1989 Libournais, plus 2 TdC Champagnes, Raveneau, and a strange Macon
A nice group got together at Quality Italian for a 1989 Right Bank Bordeaux tasting last night. The main room at QI is quite loud, but service was good and so was the food. As we gathered and chat...
10 months ago
TN: Cotats, Ecu, Pavelot, Laguiche, and more
With flounder, bok choy and rice the 2007 Pascal Cotat ? Monts Damnes? Sancerre in a perfect place, grapefruit/lime and strong mineral notes, some herb with air. Quite full but with acid backbone. A-...
10 months ago
A comparison of two American Gamays
Over the weekend, Jean and I decided to do a comparative tasting of two of our favorite domestic Gamays, Edmmunds St. John Bone-Jolly from the Sierra Foothills of CA and Chateau Grand Traverse Gamay...
10 months ago 5
10 months ago 1
TN: Hirtzberger Gru Ve
With roast chicken, leftover mushroom risotto, and arugula the 2016 Hirtzberger ? Rotes Tor? Gruner Veltliner Federspiel (I had originally gotten this out thinking I?d get some oily fish, but ended up...
10 months ago 2
10 months ago
TN: Rioja, Navarro, Yvonne, Vino Nobile, and a wine from Milan in Santa Cruz
Friday we went to visit a friend in her new apartment, she made cauliflower/chickpea curry, a salad, and a pear tart, as well as serving some nice cheeses. 1994 Paterno Vino Nobile di Montepulcian...
10 months ago
TN: weekend wines (Bdx, Burg, RRV, Loire, Champagne)
Friday- Oysters on halfshell, bluefish with a mayo/lime coat, potatoes, sauteed spinach , and eye of the goat beans 2014 La Barbotaine Sancerre Citrus, apple, a little grass, modest length. Competen...
10 months ago