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TN: Some great wines at Mark's (Bdx, Rhone, Cali, etc)
Thursday I went to a dinner at Mark?s- this was supposed to be a Magdelaine dinner, but guest of honor from Texas couldn?t make it, so Magdelaine was postponed and a general BYO convened. As I arriv...
9 months ago 1
TN: 1961 St. Emilion
Wednesday I went into city and met my brother at Morton?s for dinner. For me chopped salad, small filet, and spinach/mushrooms. I don?t get to see my brother that often, so carried a birthyear wine fo...
9 months ago
TN: 9 Graves, 1 white Burg, 1 Barsac
A nice group gathered at Sutton Inn Tuesday to welcome Patrick in from Colorado. Theme was older Graves. We started with some chacruterie (lonza, coppa, foie gras parfait, etc) and then I had the tuna...
9 months ago 1
TN: Lot of Carignan, some Rieslings, + Fleurie, Bdx, etc
With pork tenderloin, the 2016 Coudert/Roilette Griffe du Marquis Fleurie. Man, this is as lovely a young Fleurie as I can ever remember. Floral nose over black cherries and raspberries. Full, balance...
9 months ago
TN: White truffle dinner with Nebbiolo from 1947-2001, CSH, Champagne
9 months ago
TN: Burg proper and Beaujolais, Loire, 83 Sonoma
9 months ago 3
"Will China continue as the most important market for Bordeaux, or not?"
9 months ago
TN: Jura, pink Burg, white Burg, Mosel
9 months ago
TN: T'giving (US) w/Meyney, Produttori, Coudert, Peters, Perez
9 months ago 3
TN: Rieslings, Italians, CF, Beaujolais
10 months ago 2
TN: back to wine- 64 and 01 Nebbiolo, white Burg, 2 roses, more
After 8 days of no wine, on Friday I opened the 2016 F. Cotat Chavignol San cerre Rose with tandoori style chicken, quinoa pilaf, asparagus, and salad. Nice, better with a couple hours air (and bet...
10 months ago 6
TN: CdBriailles Iles des Vergelesses
Wednesday was Halloween, and the last night before I forego wine for a week and a half (for waistline reasons). Gave out a couple thousand pieces of c andy at office, then came home to make dinner ...
10 months ago 4
What's a 'jammy' wine? Can anyone suggest a particular bottle, which exemplifies this character? -- Rich
10 months ago 3
TN: Nick and Mark take SOBER down less traveled roads (Bandol, Madiran, Australia, etc)
Nick was hosting SOBER, but for logistical reasons was moved to Mark? ?s home. I picked up Franco at Tarrytown train, we arrived to find Nick ( assisted by Nancy) busy prepping, with some nice canap...
10 months ago 2
TN: Chardonnay, Syrah, Sangiovese, Chenin, and more
With leftovers, the 2015 LeSeurre Lemberger (Finger Lakes). Ripe for Blaufr ankisch (12% abv, tastes riper), some vanilla, sweet. B-/B Betsy and a friend were in VIrginia, invited her friend’s hu...
10 months ago