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Wine Club
I just got information from the American Cellars Wine Club, anyone know anything about it? -- Chris Marchetti
16 years ago 1
New notes (ecletic)
I don't think this went through earlier: I apologize if this is duplicated, from recent wines tasted the past couple of weeks. Scala Dei, Priorat, "les Brugueres", 2001 This is a white wine made f...
16 years ago
Re: Maybe I just like inexpensive wine . . .
Emery, IIRC the "Perrin Reserve" label is for their nego business only. It's interesting to me that the Rhone Valley is the one region in Fracne where negociants continue to thrive, despite man...
16 years ago 2
Virtual Communities Research Report
Hi Folks! I have finished the preliminary analyses from the project you helped me with this spring. (Thank you again!) Now, I am sending a link to the research report. There are a couple of ways yo...
16 years ago 1
Split of Champagne
Okay, simple question here. I know the size of a split of champage, but when a restaurant menu lists a "Split", what does that mean? Does it mean the price for that size, or the price for that size fo...
16 years ago 17
Re: 1994 Fritz, 1990 Chapoutier
: 1990 Chapoutier Hermitage La Sizeranne - slightly hot and with a slightly corky : nose. Decent up front concentration, then immediately gets thin and acidic. A : bad bottle, but I have never found...
16 years ago 1
Re: OT: Question for Dale
In article , "amalia" writes: I've never eaten there, but friends have (and loved it). One note, I believe it's in Wellesley, not in Boston itself. So not the most convenient , maybe (or maybe it's...
16 years ago
2000 Chateau Gloria - any comments?
I was at the local wine store this weekend, and they were unpacking their new delivery of the 2000 Chateau Gloria. They are selling it for US$30. I have had Gloria in other vintages and except for a...
16 years ago 1
2000 Las Gravas Jumilla
Another keeper in the dust bin. I bought this one out of the markdown section for 12USD, full bodied heady black fruit. A bit bright/brassy on opening but settled down to a well balanced luxurious f...
16 years ago
Re: Comments on this wine?
Firstly, don't post binary data like images to a non-binary newsgroup such as afw. Most news servers will either delete your post or delete the binary attachment. However, as one of my news ser...
16 years ago
Re: Wine group ideas
Okay, this sounds like a great set of ideas. But how does one go about finding people interested in wines and wine tasting if none of their regular friends are are into it? Any suggestions on how ...
16 years ago 1
Re: Oregon Winery Trip
"bijoudog" wrote in news:7yOKa.34050$ Just back from holiday and read this entire thread. A few suggestions for you. 1) The Oregon Wine Advisory Board...
16 years ago 11
Re: Best Pinot Gris in Willamette Valley?
Roy wrote in news: While Roy liked the WillaKenzie wines better than I do, the winery is a good one to visit. Decent wines and extemely scenic. John
16 years ago
Re: Brunello di Montalcino Opinions & Questions
I've never tasted a bad Brunello. I think they are one of the best wines produced. ditto I think Banfi is great. Their '96 is drinking wonderfully right now. I will hold my '97s for a few mor...
16 years ago 1
2000 Chateau Brane Cantenac Margaux
What a find today. Found it today at Costco in North Carolina for $29.00. Has anyone tried this vintage. I hear this is good stuff. At the local price at Costco I plan to wipe out their inventory ...
16 years ago 4