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Re: Boxed wine suggestions; Franzia is unpalatable...
Salut/Hi Emery Davis, - We'll have to arrange a comparison one day. I presume yours is Franc? Or is it one of these new-fangled Pinots? Very possibly, though IS available to people i...
16 years ago 9
Re: Ohio or Michigan wine shops?
In Detroit the best one I have found so far (just moved here from NorCal) is Champanes on 13 Mile in Warren MI, which is a suburb north of the city.
16 years ago 1
Re: Screwpull knockoffs? or legitimate copies?
The ' ? ' sign before the number amount was the Euro currency sign which was not translated to the group. It appeared on my screen when I sent it, but not when viewing from the NG site.
16 years ago 6
Notes on a Gavroche Lunch
Patchen and Andrea came to Vancouver from Chicago to visit and I was fortunate enough to manage to get together for lunch today with them. 2000 Alderlea Pinot Gris - in an effort to introduce them to...
16 years ago