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Hello, has anyone made a barrel rack for full-sized barrels (bordeaux export) that allows the barrels to sit off of the ground and side by side? I've seen some pics of wineries using 2x6 beams. How wide should the spacing be between the beams? Does the beam need to hit a hoop, or is there some other sweet spot on the barrel? How do you keep the barrels from rolling off either end if not using walls on either end? Thanks in advance!
-David Denver, CO USA
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David D.

actually quite stable against sliding end-to-end.
There is no sweet spot for contact, and you do not have to be on a hoop. The barrels made by different manufacturers have slightly different dimensions, so no two barrel manufacturers' products sit the same in the rack.
It is a good idea to have at least 2 inches of barrel protruding beyond the beam on each end for ease of placing the barrel on the rack.
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I had a "ship's cradle" made for our 60 gal barrel. I had it done at our local vocational HS wood shop. I supplied a 2 x 8 and a 2 x 6 & 4 casters rated at 150lbs each. the students routed the edges & applied a couple of coats of poly for stain control. Besides the materials, I sprang for a pizza lunch for the shop kids. They did a much better job than I could have... The upright supports are a little beveled to better accept the barrel which overhangs the cradle by about 3 in. on either end. HTH regards, bob
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think I might do 6 in a row (no need to stack b/c I have the floor space). I like the caster idea Bob...I'm gunna have to do some load calculations, but it would be great to move a row of barrels at a time.
Gene, what do you use to keep the barrels from going over the sides? Simple splints (i.e. small wooded triangles) screwed to the base?
Thanks! -David
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David D.

I'm thinking you should estimate 600# per barrel, 6 together might be a bear to stop once you get them going... Getting them in and out of the center spaces might be a challenge too. Harbor Freight sells some nice (read cheap) lifting tackle. I have a little 5 gallon so stayed out of this thread, I just notched leftover 1 x 6 to make mine.
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Joe Sallustio

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