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Choke Cherry wine, how good is it?
Any info on if you do accidentally crush open the pits, will your wine be poisonous due to the hydrcyanic acid?
2 months ago
Wine grapes for sale
Premium wine grapes from top clones - Mouvedre, Syrah, Grenache, Petite Verdot, Merlot (clone is from Beaucastel), Tannat, Vermentino, Aglianico. Small vineyard, limited quantities, crop looks excell...
2 months ago
Sealing wax effect on wine quality
Would ADDING a wax seal to a an already sealed / corked bottle of wine (dipping in wax at 275-300 degrees for approximately 3-5 seconds, then room temp water to cool for 10 seconds) compromise the qua...
3 months ago
I grow Buffaloes in southern Ok. Hope to make wine this year. Am I delusional.
I’m in south central Oklahoma. My Buffaloes will be in their 4th year. The last 2 years have filled my shelves with a very good light purple jelly. Buffaloes are a great selection. The climate here ...
6 months ago
Cranberry wine fruit flavor to strong and sweet
I have some cranberry wine in the final stages of the secondary fermentatio n. Is it possible to use the current solution and just start over with som e more water, sugar and yeast ? I used 3 lbs...
9 months ago
Winemaking software
I've published my winemaking software which can be used for designing recip es, evaluating existing ones and keeping track of the progress of your batc hes of wine. It's a free download from www.hom...
1 year ago
Can Ancient Techniques Make Modern Wine Better?
Can Ancient Techniques Make Modern Wine Better? -- Eduardo Sorocaba-Brasil www.alt119....
2 years ago
Does anyone have an address in Canada where I could get these wonder wine kits
Used these years ago and have not seen for a long time. We actually enjoyed the wine when it was finished but I had mine chilled. I would be willing to buy it from the USA if I had to. Any info would ...
2 years ago
How many pounds of grapes per vine of Barbera in Sierra foothills
I have planted 70 Barbera and 30 Zinfindel in the Sierra foothills. These are 2 to 3 year old roots. They are planted in fairly rocky soil on a slope facing southwest. How many pounds per vine shou...
4 years ago
Re: Wine Equipment for sale
Actually, I would suggest it's more like 20 years later ;-)
4 years ago
Promotional 10 Inch Latex Balloon Distributor in Papua New Guinea
Your imprinted company brand on the 10 Inch Latex Balloon will help to build customer loyalty. With uses such as decoration, fun and the ability to natural non-toxic, latex balloons], your customer...
4 years ago
Is this place still alive?
Subject says it all ... I'm getting back into winemaking and would like to bounce a few ideas around if there's anybody here besides the spammers/political hacks . -- Snag
5 years ago 1
New iPhone app for calculating additions
Hey rec.crafts.winemaking, I wanted to let you guys know I've recently finished writing a native iPhon e app version of my website If you're not familiar with the s ite, it calculate...
5 years ago
Betadine discontinued: UK replacement for sanitizing brewing equipment?
Sorry for the crossposting --- feel free to reply to any one of the 3 groups, as I read them all. I'm about to start back on some winemaking & homebrewing after a gap of several years, & my bottle...
5 years ago 34
I tried once again today to disgorge a few of bottles after secondary ferme ntation, riddling, and disgorging, meeting with mixed success. I salted cr ushed ice and put the sediment-laden caped end...
5 years ago 1