Flavor Aroma of Concord Wines from Fresh Juice

Newbie question.
Started with 120 pounds of fresh homegrown grapes. Stemmed sorted and
crushed by hand. Squeezed/strained juice through a fine mesh bag.
Discarded pomace.
Used a gallon of water and 8 pounds of sugar to get 6 gallons of juice
at SG of 1.107 and an TA of 6.
Then added the recommended Campden, pectin, yeast nutrients and a day
later lots of yeast.
Racked from primary to glass carboys at SG 1.030 (4 days) and again to
clean carboys at SG .994 (12 more days). Added 1 Campden tab per gallon
at the .994 racking and again at each of the next 2 rackings and have
since racked once more (no Campden)to get off sediment.
Wine is now light red, clear and in carboy with airlock and no sediment
and no bubbles. Have tasted wine at last racking and it seems really
dry without the expected bold grapey Concord flavors.
When would it be safe to bottle this batch ?
Is it drinkable now ?
If I prefer a sweet fruity wine what would you suggest I add to it ?
Thanks in advance for any help.
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If you have made a Concord wine without the Concord Foxiness, you have done something. Maybe it is becuase you filtered the juice before fermenting.
That is your call. Some wines are ready at 3 months. Some take 2 years. Some are on the decline after 9 months and you wish you had drunk it younger. If you like it, drink it.
Sugar or honey. Sweeten it to taste. But first stabilize it. You can do this by adding campden and sorbate. I think it is 1/2 tsp per gallon but add it according to the directions. This will prevent the yeast from starting up again when you add the sugar. I don't know how much you made but you do not have to bottle it all at one time or sweeten it all the same. You can bottle some dry, make some semi-dry, and some desert sweet.
Note that Fruity wine is usually young wine. The fruity character is lost as it ages, usually by 2 years or so. Then it developes complexity. If fruity is the way you like it , you may prefer it young.
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