Sweet Red Zin

Has anyone here made a medium or sweet Red Zinfandel? I so, what was the preferred acidity?
I need to sweeten some up... Nobody here likes dry wines and I want to get them to drink some reds that I have had for a while.
Later, A.J. Rawls Anchorage, Alaska, USA
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A. J. Rawls
should make a sugar syrup and allow guests to match their tastes. still have a good dry wine and a blend for those who prefer a sweeter tooth, made2order
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Oh, how sad! Switch to brewing beer. There is some awesome beer in AK. I agree hat you should make a sugar syrup so people can sweeten to taste. Sangria for parties? Chicks dig it! Warren Place
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Warren Place
I would do it the same way I would sweeten it --- by taste. Why not consider making sangrea at drinking time if that is what people like. Dry 'Zen, citrus juice, and sugar, all to taste.
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Ray Calvert
I try to make wines for my kids to drink.. They live a continent away and usually stop in from time to time. I don't drink myself so I really don't know how wines taste... But I understand that sweet red wines should be more acid than dry red wines... It is pretty much a chemistry project to me...
But I did get two first place finishes (including a best of division), a second and a third in our state fair.
On Fri, 10 Sep 2004 23:01:54 -0300, "Scott" wrote:
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A. J. Rawls
I have and the final TA was .77% but I can't really say if it was the preferred level because the wine is still too young. The one thing I can say is it depends on the wine, I made it in a Port style so the RS is pretty high, as is the alcohol and tannin.
By taste is probably the way to go, but I like to do it before bottling rather than at drinking time. Bench trials are way too much fun to pass up. You can even split the batch and bottle them with different levels of sugar and acid to see how things progress as the wine ages.
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