White ring inside of bottles

Hi all,
I posted this in rec.crafts.meadmaking, but no takers. Just seeing if
anyone on the wine group might have any ideas.
Hello all,
A couple of years ago I created a Raspberry Melomel. It tasted OK at first,
but as I tried it over the course of months and months the taste seemed to
be getting better. I keep it bottled in a box in a closet where it stays
cool and dark. Today (about 2 years after creation) I went and pulled a few
bottles to put in the fridge
and I noticed something I had not noticed on any of the subsequent bottles.
On the inside of the bottle, just at the top of the fluid level, there is
what appears to be a white ring. I say it appears to be white. The bottles
are green and through the green bottles it looks like what I would think
would be white while looking through green. :)
Any idea what this may be ? An infection just now showing its ugly face ?
They don't taste bad.
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