winexpert island mist kit question

well, next weekend will be step three, which is adding clearing agent and other "stuff"
anyway, the instructions say to stir the wine vigorously. the wine is in the secondary carboy, my paddle doesnt fit....
well the stirring end doesnt fit, I could use the opposite end and stir like mad.
what have others done?
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no need to say it three times :)
considering this is my first kit, i'll probably stir it for a half hour, just to be on the safe side
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My first attempt at doing this was to do it by hand. The results were a virtual disaster. I still sucker people into tasting the final product. The less discerning of folks actually admire the "sparkling Zinfadel." One important purpose, in case your instructions didn't mention it, of vigorous agitation is to release co2 that has disolved into the wine furing the fermentation processes -- as well as making sure the stuff you add gets throughly mixed in. I just don't think it is possible to do that manually, even in an open-top fermenter, much less a necked down carboy. I use a rod fitted into my drill motor. The rod should, of course, be of some sturdy food-grade material. Nylon, polyethelene, aluminum, etc. The working end can be bent to look like one of those expensive stirring thingies in the various winemaking equipment catalogs. I whip the wine until it quits releasing bubbles. If you do use aluminum or any metal, make sure you remove all traces of oils and lubricants -- but you had that figured out already. Nylon and such can usually be found in the craft section of department stores like Wally World, Michaels Craft Store, and so forth.
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Casey Wilson

Get a 'Fizz-X' wine agitator rod. They should have them at your local wine store. Metal rod with a couple of plastic wings that pop out when you put it in a drill (a slow drill I might add).
Otherwise as you suggest but back and forth as this will agitate the wine more than going in a circle. Stir till your arm is about to fall off. Change arms. Repeat. Get the neighbour. Have him stir till his arm is about to fall off. Have him change arms. When he is finished with his second arm you should be refreshed. Do it all again or...
Buy a Fizz-X agitator rod. Lots of info at this site...
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What has worked for me *thus far* (3 kits) is to use the other end of the spoon. Insert and whip to a frenzy, until good head of froth forms. Remove spoon. replace airlock, Repeat this many times over a 24 hour period.
This has worked for me, and my arm hasn't fallen off. None of my local brew shops carry the drill mounted thingy.
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Childfree Abby

Actually, I think it was a good thing to say it three times. Stir a LOT. Then stir a LOT. Then again and again. Slap the air lock on, and do it again the next day.
But not too vigourously because you don't want to froth the surface and intruduce oxygen to the wine.
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The stirring is an important step in making kits but rather than stirring for half an hour, just rack it back into your bucket. Stir as suggested, and then rack back into the carboy. This is actually the suggested practice with most kits.
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Ray Calvert

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