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Storing of extra juice
Hi to all, Apart from the main demijohn, I usually store extra juice in smaller demijohns/or bottles. I use this extra juice to fill up after racking. Please note that I am a very small wine producer....
9 years ago 5
Sterilizing Alternative
I have been buying the sterilizing powder for bottles etc. for a while now and I am wondering if the tablets and liquid that mothers use for sterilizing babies food & drinking utensils would give the ...
10 years ago 4
Bottled red wine
Some of you may recall that I have been having problems with my 2006 Regent red seemed tannic and rather harsh after about 3.5 years in a 5 litre demijohn.However it has now been in a bottle for 3 mon...
10 years ago 3
Amateur Winemakers of Nebraska meeting
The Amateur Winemakers of Nebraska will have their second meeting on Thursday May 27 at 7 P.M. See for details and agenda.
10 years ago
AZ Wine Makers Meeting on May 15
AZ Wine Makers will be meeting this Saturday (May 15, 2010) in Mesa, Arizona. This is an amateur wine making club that alternates between meeting in the Tucson and Phoenix areas every 3 months. We als...
10 years ago
Over 4 Decades of Dan Fitzpatrick's Books, Papers & Thoughts - All FREE.
Over 4 Decades of Dan Fitzpatrick's Books, Papers & Thoughts - All FREE. No Ads with these either!. (click link) In this day and age this is simply Incredible!. Enjoy!
10 years ago
Stopping wine at one week
In the past I've made wine from kit-concentrates and also country wines from fruit. Last August the local (uk) s/market were doing deals on breakfast juices, so I bought a gallon of white grape juice ...
10 years ago 24
Hydrometers less useful than we thought?
We use hydrometers to gauge sugar content. Since hydrometers measure solubles solids and soluble solids are mostly sugar in wine grapes, that works pretty well. In researching raspberries, I found tha...
10 years ago 5
I've just collected all the prunings from my vineyard to burn them. Is it wise to put the ashes back into the soil? Logic says that you're putting back the nutrients taken away from the vine. However ...
10 years ago 4
cloudy wine
Im an experienced home fruit wine maker and my usual wine is Braeburn apple. I've never had a problem making this and it always turns out exceptional. Recently I decided to move sideways a bit and mak...
10 years ago 11
France wine producers guilty of US scandal
What a shame! No doubt there are a fair few of these scams going on around the world. As for the palette, I guess you don't necessarily know unless you know. Even if you have a reasonably good palette...
10 years ago 1
Iodophor vs Pot. Meta Bisulfite
Greetings to all! Since I'm both a homebrewer and a home vintner I'd only ever used iodophor in the brewery & PotMetaBi-etc. in the winery, can one use either interchangably? mostly, I'd prefer to use...
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10 years ago
Excess Sulphites
Hi, I have a Chard kit wine which seems to have a harsh sulphur dioxide taste. Its now a month old and I had hoped it would dissipate. Short of pouring it from demijohn to demijohn, has anyone any oth...
10 years ago 5
Hi to all, I have a wine which is now 1.5 years old, however due to poor misjudjement the alcohol content in it is quite low. The taste is good and there is no apparent spoilage. However, the lack of ...
10 years ago 2