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What fruits are best to ferment
Complete novice has started fermenting orange juice and a mixture of orange juice and sliced apple. Are these good fruits to go for or would I get better results from other fruits? Also I would be...
7 years ago 12
Haze reappears after fining
I have a white wine that has a haze to it. I tried a standard fining agent from a local home brew store and it cleared it. I racked it off of the sediment after a few days and the haze reappeared. Its...
7 years ago 2
painting my destemmer
I need to paint the chute my crusher/destemmer is sitting on. What kind of paint are you using and is it FDA approved?
7 years ago
steam extractor
A huge crop of wild persimmons is coming my way. I'm thinking about not even dealing with the seeds and getting a steam juice extractor. Has anyone had any experience with them? Do they do a good job...
7 years ago
resistant varieties
Has anyone good results with vines that are resistant to fungi? I want to replant my vineyard and am searching for good new varieties I do not need to spray every fortnight. I do have the Leon Millot...
7 years ago 2
safe pH level for elderflower/made wines
Hi All, This is my first post on this group - have only recently found the group, but very glad I have! As elderflower season is approaching us in the UK, I am assessing records from last year's...
8 years ago 5
First time bottling mistake...
I bottled my first batch of wine, which was made from home grown Concord grapes. The wine had been aging in a class carboy in my basement for 2 years. (Not sure whether letting it sit longer helps,...
8 years ago 4
nitrogen wine storage?
Not quite on topic, but close... Went out to dinner last night, and asked for a glass of pinot grigio. It arrived looking as fizzy as champagne with a lump of sugar, and the explanation was that the...
8 years ago 1
Can you store wine in screw top bottles
I tend to keep my wine in 5 litre demijohns and then transfer to screw top bottles when the seals in the screw top caps reusable again and again,and could you store wine in this type of bottle for a...
8 years ago 4
More on De-Alc
Has anyone ever tasted any de-alcoholized wine that doesn't taste like grape juice? No, and for good reason: there isn't really any functional difference between the two. I had a Sutter Home product...
8 years ago 8
Non-Alcoholic Wine?
Does anyone know how to de-alcoholize the home-made wine? That depends -- what's your objective? If you want to get rid of the alcohol and keep the wine: 1) Heat it in an open vessel to 80 degrees...
8 years ago 4
A feijoa wine/cider recipe with no sugar
Gentlefolk, All the recipes for feijoa wine of cider that I can find seem to have buckets of sugar and water added to them, which is not something that sits too well with me: does anybody know of a...
8 years ago 1
strange wine
wine produced in the historic city center its name is I hear it has the aroma of spam. Bill O'Meally writes: Shirley you meant bouquet.
8 years ago 2
I just had a bottle of Beringer 2009 black label Knight's Valley Cabernet and it is GREAT.
8 years ago
Chianti Question
Does someone have a good recipe for Chianti? See this:
8 years ago 1