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Wine Sweet Wine
I just had some home-made burgundy and MAN was it good. Not to mention cheap...... You mean, someone *charged* you to sample their homemade stuff? Since it was I who made it I suppose I did charge for...
8 years ago 2
new to wine making and group.
Hello. I thought I would make some wine from the garden's Red grapes. I had enough to make two gallons. Now that both demijohns have finished fermenting, I then racked both of demijohns of wine. Today...
8 years ago 1
After seeing listings for Italian and French and German wines I began wondering what the differences are? Aren't all wines nothing but fermented fruit?
8 years ago
You guys were saying to age it for a year. Does additional time improve the wine? After the first year does further aging change the taste of the wine? Yes. I've occasionally had a few bottles that...
8 years ago 6
fantastic italian wine
the name is But where can you get it? Who cares? I'm sure it tastes like SPAM... Next time, Tom, delete the URL before you reply to a spam post. Or better yet, don't reply. You have to test all these...
8 years ago 3
Fruit Mix?
What is a good fruit mix for a nice different tasting red wine? One made up of fruit that you enjoy. I enjoy most fruit. Then mix up whatever you think you'll like. OK, watermelon and cantalope....
8 years ago 8
Acid reducing yeast Lalvin AC
I make a wine from a variety called Bacchus (Sauvingnon Blanc style) in England,and am looking for a supplier of a yeast called Lalvin AC,which is specifically recommended for Sauvingnon Blanc style...
8 years ago 5
Bottle Sizes
Does the size of the bottles make any difference in the quality of the wine? My great uncle used to say that it was best to leave it in the vat until you were ready to use it but on a winery tour the...
8 years ago 2
What do you use to filter the fruit parts out of the wine? My red wine has fine particles in it. What I've decided to do is let it sit around long enough so that all settles to the bottom and then...
8 years ago 2
Does anyone know where to get some fancy labels and a label program to go with it so that you can impress your family? Do a Google search on "4th and Vine wine labels". Great!!!
8 years ago 2
What is recommended to put in an air-lock other than filtered water? Crushed Campden tablet? or something else? General-purpose sanitizing solution made up from 2 ounces potassium metabisulfite...
8 years ago 2
Tell me what sort of volume each of you make when you brew up a batch. I made about 2 gallons for my first try.
8 years ago
Does it make a difference what sort of container you use to age your wine? Very much so. Plastics of all sorts are gas-permeable, and hence unsuitable for long-term storage of wine, as oxygen can...
8 years ago 1
Why Not?
Why don't they make commercial wines from fruit other than grapes? They do; you just haven't been paying attention. :-) There are quite a few wineries that make wine from sour cherries, and it is...
8 years ago 15
To Repeat
Buckaroo - what do you do with that huge amount of wine? Do you give it away, bottle and sell it or is it like my grandfather - sitting in the basement until he died and his kids gave it all away?...
8 years ago 2