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Taste Differences?
What are the taste differences between the various red wines? I really can't tell the difference between a Merlot, say, and a Cabernet or Gamay etc. Do people other than very critical specialist kno...
8 years ago 2
Exactly how much aging does wine require and what does additional aging add to it?
8 years ago 1
Making Wine
Making wine is a very pleasant past time. It works better after a couple of years because then you have some previously made wine to sip as you're making the newest batch. What are some of the frui...
8 years ago 6
Retsina Wine
Does anybody have a recipe for Retsina wine? I am paticularly interested in how much pine resin should be put in say 10 ltrs of fermenting wine. Perhaps some greek friends could kindly oblige.
8 years ago
Pear Wine
8 years ago
Alcohol Content
Does home made wine generally have more or less alcohol that the store bought stuff?
8 years ago 6
AZ Wine Makers group order from Brehm
We've managed to pull together an initial order for quality grapes and must from Brehm Vineyards. Anyone in Arizona wanting to get in on this order is welcome to do so. I'm the point of contact for th...
8 years ago
Lemon Wine?
I have a lemon tree full of lemons. I wonder what lemon wine would taste like?
8 years ago 8
Lodi grapes when?
Does anyone have information on this year's harvest? Is it late as expected earlier? Thanks. -gA
8 years ago 2
Yeast strins with killer effect
Hello Sombody can give me information about comercial yeast strains with killer effect. Thank you so much.
8 years ago 1
AZ Wine Makers Meeting on Aug 27
Arizona Wine Makers will be meeting in Mesa, Arizona this Saturday (August 27) at 2:30PM. All members are encouraged to attend. If you're in Arizona and you're not a member, why not join? If you are a...
8 years ago 3
Irrigation during drought
I keep wondering if this site is going to continue with all of its spam content now,but hope this still works. I have a small vineyard (30 vines) in Herefordshire (SW England) situated on a south faci...
8 years ago 1
Fermenting seems stalled
I am making a 5 gallon batch of Rhubarb-Raspberry wine. My initial SG was 1.10 after removing pulp bag and topping off. After fermentation for 4 days the SG was down to 1.04 and I racked into a carboy...
8 years ago 9
Wine Labels info
Just wondering about wine labels... How do you label yourhomemade wine? I have gotten labels from and have been very happy with them. I have used Avery disign pro software to ma...
8 years ago 1
Finally getting last year's wine bottled
I'm really late this year in getting my wine bottled. I just did 36 bottles of blackberry wine two weeks ago, and another 40 bottles of cherry wine this past weekend. I've still got 5 gal of peach w...
8 years ago 2