A former Seaworld lover

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Seaworld Orlando's beer mojo is completely

neutered. It's the same story at Busch

Gardens. The beer scene is a near 100% total

loss. I fail to understand that even as the

Euro biz influence of InBev trashes the

wonderful beer history of Seaworld and Busch

Gardens Tampa Bay they never percieved the

perhaps aging solar flare of craft brewing

that is still growing by most accounts. Why

when even Anheuser is testing a growing list

of specialty drinks would they limit these

parks to this nearly vacant list of brews:

Bud, Bud light, Bud light with lime,

Michelob, Mich. light, Tennants, and

Landshark Lager... I really would only even

try the Tennants and the Landshark out of

the list... But it's so wasted compared to

the FREE tasting area they had when they

would put such acceptable creations as

'Winter's bourbon cask ale', World Select,

and others. I could not find anything other

than the above list of 7 in the whole park.

One employee told me there was a list of 8

beers and they are the only ones being sold

in the park.

Seaworld is a much less inviting place to


Gone is the beer school, special beer

tasings, other beer classes, and all the

prior free tastings they offered. I get it,

charge for the beer; Why take away the

variety. So sad. I only half enjoyed the

park. It's a new Seaworld Neutered of it's

rich brewing history.

As one column mentioned it's got to be a

prep for sale. So they don't have to sell a

park with beer as a focus perhaps. It's so

wierd though as the park highlighted what

A.B. does, and was a perfect venue for them

to test new brews and new ideas. They never

even used it to it's fullest potential.

A former Seaworld lover...

Re: A former Seaworld lover

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I never would have imagined that Seaworld _had_ any beer mojo...


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