stones bitter advert

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Hi to every one,

I have for a while now been trying to find a solution to a stones bitter advert
that was shown on tv a number of years ago. around late 1989/ early 1990's.

the words that were sang in the advert--- "  Theres only one ,  ahhhhh,  
ahhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhh,,   only one,   only one,   only one cool beer,     only
one,   only one,    theres only one stones.  

Another distinctive feature in the advert was some Short footage of  black and
white film, 1933 king kong ,  Starring Fay wray,  where king Kong
is at the top of the Empire state building , clutching Fay Wray.

My Question is---Was the tune in this advert a cover over of a song released by
a music group /artist or was it a tune simply made up for this advert ?

If it was released by a group or artist I would like to know the name of the

Many  thanks  Mr T Auckland

stones bitter advert
I've been after that too!  
I cannot find an answer anywhere!
Have you had any luck tracking it down?  

stones bitter advert
replying to mistersidno1 , TIM29RED wrote:
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Hi, No I haven't had any Luck tracking it down either, however keep up your
searching and I will keep mine and hopefully we might find something sooner or
bvest regards TIM

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