Burham (on Crouch) beer Festival - one to avoid

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In previous years a degree of rank amateurism has been evident at this

Tonight it descended further into insanity.

Dead on 11 pm the bar closed - no problem with this.

At the same time the organisers decided to remove ALL the money from the
festival area.  Unfortunately they had completely forgotten that 200+
still at the festival had paid a refundable 3 deposit on the glass and
may want a refund.  BTW these were not branded"festival" glasses - just
a random selection of glasses that happened to be  branded with a beer
name - including keg lagers.

After 15 minutes notes appeared behind the bar (the person responsible
for taking the glass deposits at a separate location had already run
away to hide!).  To get the glass deposit back customers then had to
find an extra 2 in order to get a 5 note back. This process was not

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