activity in secondary fermenter after 8 days`

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I am making an Irish Stout from a True Brew Kit and transferred the beer to
a carboy 8 days ago for secondary fermentation. After some initial activity
in the carboy, the fermentation slowed down and the yeast pretty much
settled out. However today I have noticed significant activity in the
fermenter. There are a lot of bubbles on the surface of the beer and there
is bubbling in the airlock. Is this bad? Is it a sign of contamination? I
had plans to bottle this weekend.

Re: activity in secondary fermenter after 8 days`
I have a similar situation, I brewed a small batch of Irish Red almost 3
weeks ago, transferred to secondary 2 weeks ago and it's still bubbling
every 20-30 seconds, I think a lot of it has to do with temperature, it WAS
cool (50-60F) but it just warmed up a little and thats when I noticed it
picked up.  Think I used Nottingham yeast too, that could/would make a
difference.  Your best bet is to just wait it out.

So far, so good, mines nice and clear with a pretty red tinge...can't wait,
but i'm going to!!


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