Brewing my first mini-mash

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Hi All,
New here, but anyway, I think I may have screwed up my first mini-mash :(

After following some instructions I found on the net for a Kolsch style
beer, I got pretty confused and think I may have forgotten to strain the
  wheat, and maybe remove the hop pellets.

The wort that I mixed was pretty thick (4 litres) and was allot darker
than I expected. It's fermenting like crazy though, but the c02 coming
out the top smells extremely hoppy.

Will the hops be less potent after racking/priming the brew? Does the
thickness of the wort matter too much?


Re: Brewing my first mini-mash

Leigh Finch wrote:

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There are a lot worse things a beer could smell like! Hops=good. Rotten

Did you check the specific gravity? What do you mean "thick". Were you
trying for a five gallon batch and only came up with one? The color may
be due to carmelization from boiling such a small quantity. Did you use
a small pot and were you supposed to dilute it to five gallons? More
information, please.

Otherwise, you have a strong fermentation of a beer that smells like
hops. Could be a lot worse!! Relax. :-)

"Wise fool"
Gandalf _The Two Towers_
(The wise will remove "se" to reach me. The foolish will not!)

Re: Brewing my first mini-mash

Bill O'Meally wrote:
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thanks for the reply, I used a relatively small pot (2 gallons maybe)
and diluted it once it was in the fermenter, Unfortunately, I don't have
a bigger pot.

I didn't check the SG, because I didn't want to clog up the sediment

It's still bubbling away every second or so afte 60 hours or so, so I
think thats good.

I love this new hobby though :)


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