Carbonation in Barleywine Ale

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I've never had an issue with carbonation, but I made a batch of
barleywine (partial all-grain brew). I added the usual amount of corn
sugar--3/4 cup/5 gallon. It has been in a bottle since late June and
it's scarcely carbonated.

The final reading revealed approximately 15% alcohol (I added honey to
boost the alcohol). I also pitched champagne yeast in secondary. Does
the high alcohol content interfere with carbonation? Should I have used
more corn sugar to comensate?

Is it possible to use carbonation pellets at this stage to boost
carbonation? The beer isn't supposed to be ready until around Christmas,
but the lack of carbonation concerns me.


Re: Carbonation in Barleywine Ale

Hi, this sure sounds like a LARRRGE beer!  I cant say I have brewed a
Barleywine that strong before, but I have brewed to 10 to 12 percent, with
Yyeast strains.  I have made sherry and port strengh wines via direct
fermentation to over 18 percent using Lalvin EC-1118 strain as the only
yeast needed, so I suspect if you pitched a good champagne yeast it should
eventually carbonate.
I have had extremely slow carbonation with some stronger beers in the past,
taking months to carbonate,, even moving the batch upstairs to warmer
tempetures seemed to have little effect on carbonation time.  I dont
personally have any experience with carbonation pellets, but feel the effort
and risk would be unwarrented, thime seems to be the best solution. I think
you will have an awsome brew to celebrate the holidays, and beyond!  Good
luck and Best of the Season to you and yours!
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Re: Carbonation in Barleywine Ale

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Thank you. Despite the low carbonation, it's still fairly good and
hopefully will improve by Christmas. It definitely has a distinctive
banana flavor.


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