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 Teflex is intended for the following applications:

- Disinfection of surfaces in residences, of furniture, of equipment,
sanitary equipment, linen, tableware, patient care items, toys,
cleaning materials, medical items (including disposable materials) in
health care and child welfare institutions and in areas with a high
risk of infection from pathogenic organisms.

- Disinfection of premises and equipment in establishments for public
catering and food trade, consumer markets, municipal objects, hotels,
dormitories, swimming pools, bath houses, saunas, places of public

- Disinfection of cargo, passenger and sanitary vehicles and
food-transporting vehicles
-Disinfection of premises, equipment and instruments in barber shops
and hairdressing salons; massage and beauty salons, laundries and other
establishments of the service sector.

- Disinfection of air by spraying in health care institutions and spas,
isolated laboratories, etc.

- General cleaning in health care and child welfare institutions, etc.

- Anti-mold treatment (remediation) of different surfaces.

- Household applications.

http://www.bustmold.com, http://www.teflex.org

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