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Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to let everyone in on my little Biz!

Highly recommended!
Computer Bank...
7 PLUS Reasons Why You Should Join TODAY!
1. Owned, Operated and Marketed by a Christian Admin that has proven to be trust
worthy and provides Execellent One on One Support to OVER almost 900 members and
2. Members are paid direct from their signup at the time of signup and over and
over each month they remain a member.
3. The fee was $10, but at the request of current members, We raised the fee to
$35. Which means the commissions of $5 and $3 INCREASED AS WELL TO $15, $10 and
4. Computer Bank has earned $8,000 Gross in 2 months and $6600 of that paid
directly to members. ADMIN Never touched this money :-) Computer Bank has also
had over 450,000 Visits in this time frame.
5. We PROMOTE for You! If you help promote your earnings are significantly
larger, but you will earn enough to cover your own fees and be in profit before
your 30 days are up, if you choose not to promote!
6. We provide Unlimited Access to Software and safelists and Inspirationals for
you with your membership.
7. We also have a Mailing Center (CBS) for YOU to use to do several things.
(A. Mail other Computer Bank Users with your offer.
(B. Upload Banners for member rotation.
(C. Track several links for whatever program you choose.
(D. Win Solo mailings from Admin to members by clicking the WIN links at the
bottom of each mail you receive from members.
ALL of this and MORE right NOW for only $35 per month with a 30 day MONEY BACK
GUARANTEE if you don't make money!!!


Re: Earn a Great Residual Income month after MONTH!
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Why all the spam all of a sudden, anyway?  This is usually a spam-free
newsgroup.  Now I come in this morning to read the new messages, and there's
like 4 or 5 pieces of crap.  Sheesh.....

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