Honey added to Homebrew?

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I'm new to this N/G but, have been home-brewing fer 17+yrs.  My favorite is
Copper's Ale which I've been doing fer 12+yrs without error(s).

I'd like to try to "add" honey or something? to change the normal routine.
Anybody have experience with this?

My alcohol content is 8% or better and normal rack 2x, add 2cups fine sugar
(dextrose) to prime, and bottle.

I find the longer it sits, the smoother the result.  Burpppp.

So, any ideas plse email or reply to group.  If I can be of assistance. I'll
help a NEW home-brew'r.    thanks  dave

Re: Honey added to Homebrew?

Honey added as a fermentable sugar will ferment almost completely and
can add
some dryness. I'd just add it at the end of the boil. I'd use a
pound or less in
a 5 gallon batch. give a report of how it works.

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Re: Honey added to Homebrew?

Daphne + Dave wrote:
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I have added honey to a few of my batches.
The one that turned out the best, the most honey flavor that is, was a
honey wheat.
I just made a regular wheat beer and added 2 lbs of honey to the last 15
minutes of the boil.
An amber would also be a very good candidate.

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Re: Honey added to Homebrew?

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Just added 2lbs honey to a Christmas Ale I'm planning for the holidays.
Just racked to the secondary and could not avoid taking a taste from the
portion I pulled from the hydrometer.....  The honey has added some very
nice background honey notes to the subtle spices (orange peel, clove,
allspice, cinnamon).  Happy I added it.


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