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After fermentiing  a Steam Beer minimum 2 weeks I plan to rack to 2ndry.
Then, after the minimum 2 weeks in primary and additional 2 weeks in 2ndry I
plan to re-rack to another container holding dissolved charging sugar (corn
Then bottle immediately.
Besides for proper sanitation are there any suggestions?  ANy ideas that
will improve clarity or quality?

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Scott Streiker wrote:
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The longer you let it sit in secondary, the clearer it will be.  Also,
after the bottles carbonate, store them as long as possible in as cool
an environment as possible (40's) this will cause the remaining yeast to
drop to the bottom of the bottle.  Pouring carefully into a glass will
leave that sediment in the bottle and you should have a perfectly clear
glass of beer (assuming your recipe and processes were okay).

Bugeater Brewing Company

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The colder you keep the secondary, the better the beer will clear. Cold
storage causes solids to floculate.
Steve W (in Aus)

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