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hi there,

me and a buddy are looking to get into brewing our own beer, but we
don't really know where to start. I've done alot of research looking
for starter kits, and what kind of things we'll need to replace in the
kits (ie using dry malt instead of sugar). The 2 kits i have been
looking at are the mr beer, coopers, brew house or brew canada. Can
any one tell me which of these are the best quality and will produce
the best beer? to me its seems mr beer or coopers are the best.
The types we will be be "trying" to brew are guinness-like stouts (my
favorite) and coors light/budweiser-type beers (his favorite). Also
could you give me some more advice, that will help us produce the best
beer we can?

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you guys,


Re: newbie here

First of all you will get a lot good advice here.  I am replying
because I have just started myself and all the different options out
there can be a little overwhelming.  I read this and other new groups
and read The joy of home brewing before I even started and it helped.

The first thing you will need is an equipment kit whis is the
fermenter and several tools to transfer the beer, and bottle capper.
The next thing you will need is a recipe kit, this contains the malt
extract, hops, priming sugar, and bottle caps.

I bought a kit from midwest supply:
EVERYTHING - Complete Brewing Package Equipment Kit w/ Autumn Amber
Ale If I had to do over I would have started with the the stout.  BTW, the
amber ale is not very strong in flavor which is why I would have gone
with the stout.  If your friend likes the american lagers he will
probably like the autumn amber ale kit.

This thing comes with a fementer, bottles, brew kettle, and a kit
which contains everything you will need to brew 5 gallons.  I would
recommend starting with a kit until you do it a time or two.  Like I
said I read and read and it was all different when actually did it.
It was fun and I can't wait to start my second batch this weekend.
BTW, it is my understanding that the coopers kits do not include
everything you need and like I say the first time you do it you may
want it to be easy and straight forward.

good luck

Re: newbie here

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thanks guys, those kits look good, the only problem is that i live in
canada, and none of these brewing companies in the states will ship to
canada...:( does any one know of any brew suppliers in canada? my LHBS
is only a small one and i doubt they will have much, i do know they
have the coopers though

Re: newbie here

Quoted text here. Click to load it  while they are slowly getting out
of the home supply business they are still in business.

Personally though I suggest:  Todd and
Tracy are very helpful and if they don't have something they will do
what they can to get it in for you.


Re: newbie here

Thanks for the canadian sites, although i didnt see starter kits on
either site, the skinaney brewing actually happens to be about 30 mins
from where i live in ottawa

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Re: newbie here

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First you will need an equipment kit. Single or dual stage is up to
you. What is the difference? Price and cleaner, clearer beer. If you
are budget minded and not sure if you will stay with the hobby, I
recommend single stage. A basic kit can run anywhere from $50 to over
$150. My initial 2 stage kit cost $95.

For your first kit, Cooper's is pretty good. I used them. I do not
recommend Mr. Beer. It is cheap and not very good quality. How do I
know? I had a chat with about 5 other brewers a year ago, all were
very accomplished, and all of them started with Mr Beer. They all had
the same thing to say: it was garbage. Save your money and get a
better kit from a homebrew shop.

You may be interested in some videos myself and a couple friends put
together. It is focused on all grain brewing, but there is current a
video on making root beer, as well as an extract beer. More will be
added. In addition, we just put up a new message board, and we really
could use help with some traffic. is the main site and
is obviously the message board.

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