Our 'Homebrewers' Team is still doing excellent -- all are invited to join

Have a question or want to show off your project? Post it! No Registration Necessary.  Now with pictures!

Our 'Homebrewers' team is now ranked in an astonishing 71st place out of
over 16,000 teams on the World Community Grid -- and we're still less
than two years old.  If you want to do something _really_ great besides
just brewing great beer, then spend about 10 minutes or less of your
time to join our team, and help all of humanity by using your computer's
spare (otherwise 'wasted') power for things such as non-profit medical
research to help cure cancer and other diseases.  The life that your
computer can help save just might be the life of someone you love.  Our
team currently has 70 members, and collectively we have donated over 87
years worth of computer time; that's like having a typical personal
computer do nothing except medical research constantly for 87 years.
And it didn't cost us any money, or any more effort than to just install
the easy FREE software.  The World Community Grid was created by and is
monitored by IBM; it is directed by many of our most reputable health
organizations such as the Mayo Clinic, the American Cancer Society, the
World Health Organization, etc.  Please ... AT LEAST VISIT my personal
website which will provide you with more information.  To reach my page
to join our 'Homebrewers' Team in particular, please visit my personal
page at http://home.alltel.net/billvelek/team.html ... but if you want
more information about the project in general and how safe and secure it
is, please visit my page at http://www.velek.com -- and note that both
websites bear my name (many of you will recognize me as a veteran
homebrewer), and I will personally assure all of you that this is no
scam.  It is safe, secure, and a cheap and easy way to help the world.

Thanks for your time.

Bill Velek -- Grow hops? Visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Grow-Hops
with over 230 members. To discuss 'equipment only' with over 630
homebrewers, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BrewingEquipment

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