Racking into secondary... bubbles!

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I'm very new to the hobby, and this is my second brew. I purchased
and brewed a canned malt wheat brew. When I pitched the yeast, the
head rose nearly to the top, and then dropped after several days.
After about a week, the airlock bubbled once a minute - so as per
instructions, I racked it into the secondary. Instructions were very
specific not to areate the wort. While the fermented wort was being
transferred (being careful not to splash, etc... I noticed small air
bubbles in the line. I thought I had pushed all the air out when I
siphoned, so I cleared the line again. After several minutes I
noticed more small bubbles - as if the agitation of the wort was
causing a release of CO2. These small amount of bubbles were
impossible to prevent. I am worried that the brew is screwed now. My
secondary fermenter is not very active. Could someone tell me if
this is normal? I also have the fermenter in my bathroom tub, where
tempatures are pretty cool at night.... if that has any effect.

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Re: Racking into secondary... bubbles!

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Exactly correct.  No problem whatsoever, completely normal.

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The low activity in the secondary is fine.  Cooler temps will slow
fermentation some too.  Sounds completely normal, it is just mostly done.



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