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try an aquarium pump with a micron filter and an air-stone purchased an the
give it about 10 min and away you go. I usually let it go till the bubbles
start to flow out of the fermenter.

RE: Adding Oxygen

interesting, but isn't this at risk of adding airborne contaminants?

would eliminate the need to stir it up so much.

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Re: Adding Oxygen

That is what I use and have never had a problem, and it doesn't cost an arm
and a leg either.
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RE: Adding Oxygen

sorry bout the redundency,I didn't realize I was posting to my own post
The reason you use a MICRON filter is to eliminate the airborne
They actually cost less than the Air stone and last till they plug up (
The other thing is get your stone at a hbs it is made of Stainless
steel and can
be boiled to sanitze it. son't use an Aquarium air stone.

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Re: Adding Oxygen

So far with 5 batches I've siphoned into a strainer laid across the top of my
Primary bucket. The dribbling (cool) wort ends up with about 2" of "head". I
figure this aerates enough. I've had no problem.  But I wouldn't do it with
hot wort.


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